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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: 2016 Autumn Capsule

For this leap day of February, I’m revealing my 35-item Autumn capsule wardrobe!

In my last post I showed you my 10-item essentials capsule wardrobe which I’ll be using throughout the year. Every 3 months, I will also put together a 35-item, season-specific capsule that I’ll wear over the three months of that season. Here’s my Autumn capsule that I’ll be creating outfits from for the next three months (with some occasional help from my essentials capsule!).


Top row. l-r:

Denim culottes, Zara (similar)
Khaki pants, Country Road (similar)
White skinny jeans, Cotton On
Skinny denim jeans, Rollas (similar)

Bottom row, l-r:

Taupe shorts, Bench (similar)
Denim shorts, DIY from rag and bone jeans (similar)
Navy pleated midi skirt, kamiseta (similar)
White skirt, Zara (similar)

Three of the bottoms will prove to be style challenges for me as I’m not used to wearing them – the culottes, the pleated midi skirt, and the white skirt. I’ve blogged about my uncertainty with the white skirt before, and I chose to keep it because, well, I’m stubborn. And I like the challenge. I bought the midi skirt as I’d seen a similar one on Style by Aggie and really want to give it a try. I included a couple of shorts as it can be fairly warm in Sydney during autumn, and they’ll provide a nice casual element to my outfits.


Top row, l-r:

Smashing Pumpkins Zero shirt, bought from Fremantle, WA
White t-shirt, Metalicus (similar)
Black t-shirt with pocket and stud detail, Metalicus (similar)
Mustard sleeveless button up blouse, gift from a friend
Teal tank top with mandala print, Lucky Brand
Grey rollneck knit top, All About Eve (similar)
Navy blue off shoulder top with polka dots, kamiseta

Bottom row, l-r:

Navy striped tee, Cotton On (similar)
Knit blouse with flamingo print, Esprit
Silk blouse with flower detail, Oasis Clothing (similar)
Polka dot button up blouse, Gap (similar)
Gingham button up blouse, J.Crew (similar)
Navy striped 3/4 sleeve tee, Marcs (similar)
(Not pictured: Esprit chambray shirt)

A mix of sleeveless, short sleeves and longer-sleeved tops here, again due to the changeable weather in Sydney in the autumn months. I had a bit of a shopping spree in February knowing that I wouldn’t be able to go shopping during my capsule wardrobe challenge, so bought quite a few items including the Gap polka dot blouse, and the tank top and off-shoulder blouse while on holiday. I had to include the Zero tee as it was a gift from hubby and he searched high and low for this, so I couldn’t relegate it to the back of the wardrobe!


From left to right:

Denim dress, Dotti
Sleeveless blazer vest, folded and hung (similar)
Khaki jacket, bought from ebay (similar)
Denim jacket, Just Jeans (similar)

Another holiday purchase was the sleeveless blazer, which I saw in a magazine while I was getting my pedicure done and just had to have. While I normally love the camel shade for my handbags, I don’t often wear it, so this will be another style challenge for me. I wanted to include the Dotti dress before it got too cold to wear it.


Top row, l-r:

Lace up booties, Novo (similar)
Grey ankle boots, Midas (similar)
Silver slip on trainers, Bench

Middle row, l-r:

Beige lace ups, DIY from Witchery flats (similar)
Black lace ups, Witchery (similar)
Leopard flats, Office (similar)

Bottom row, l-r:

Tan sandals, Hush Puppies (similar)
Snake print sandals, Urban Soul at Myer
Tan brogues, Dune (similar)

With the transition to colder weather I’ve upped the number of closed shoes, but have included a few open shoes and sandals for those warm days. I absolutely love these Midas boots and am really itching to wear my other pairs of boots, but I’ll have to wait for my winter capsule to bust them out.

My 2 rules for this Capsule Wardrobe Challenge:

  1. I will create outfits only from the items that I included in the 10 items essentials capsule AND/OR the 35-item autumn capsule wardrobe. I’ll be noting each outfit on the blog, on Facebook and Instagram with a caption and numbers such as 1.1 (Capsule Wardrobe 1, Outfit 1).
  2. I won’t do any clothes or shoe shopping for the next three months. (Underwear shopping is OK, only as required.)

On the blog and social media accounts I’ll post the outfits I’ll create from my capsule wardrobe, so make sure you subscribe to receive a weekly summary of the blog posts straight to your inbox, and follow me on Bloglovin’Facebook and Instagram! I won’t post any outfits where I’m just schlepping around at home; as interesting as heart-print pyjamas or husband’s t-shirt and leggings may sound, it doesn’t really make for an riveting outfit.

Three months’ worth of outfits from 45 items? Let’s do this! ?

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