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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Month 1: Some Thoughts

I miss my clothes. (Fair warning: longish read.)

There were quite a few times in the last month where I would wake up thinking “I’d love to wear my black ankle boots” or “I really want to wear my ripped jeans” or “Today is a great day for that black tank top and shorts” and I’d have to remind myself that these items were not in my current autumn wardrobe so had to make do with what I had.

There were days when the weather was not was I was expecting (more hot than usual, in Sydney’s case) and found myself wearing an outfit that really didn’t suit the weather but was the best I could do with what I had left (when I hadn’t washed or ironed any other clothes in time).

Indeed, there were days when I didn’t want to wear anything of the items in my capsule wardrobe but I either tried without any love in what I was wearing or ended up wearing activewear (which isn’t included in the capsule wardrobe).

Some learnings from the first 31 days of my #capsulewardrobechallenge:

  1. I thought I had the weather sorted, but I’m no metereologist nor am I a soothsayer. I needed a variety of tops to get me through the really hot Sydney days. I mean, I ended up wearing a knitted polo neck on a day that was in the high 20s (80-90 deg F) – at a kids’ birthday party no less – and was hating every moment of wearing it.  With the days getting chilly I’m now thinking I probably don’t have enough tops to get me through the colder temps.1.12
  2. Some of the tops I had chosen I barely wear because they only go with certain bottoms or can only be worn in certain contexts. Like the Zero shirt my husband bought me for Christmas. I love it, but I think I love it because hubby had spent quite a bit of time looking for it, and Smashing Pumpkins always makes me nostalgic for high school. However, I have only ever worn it to the park, grocery shopping or on playdates. It goes well with jeans and denim shorts but nothing else. I could experiment by wearing it with my pleated skirt but that isn’t my style.  A similar thing could be said of my flamingo shirt. I’ve only worn it once. And two navy blue and white striped shirts? That wasn’t thought out very well.1.8
  3. I miss my skirts. I currently have 2 skirts in my autumn capsule, plus the pencil skirt in my essentials capsule. The white skirt is pretty but again I haven’t worn it very often, nor does it go with a lot of the tops I chose. Sometimes it’s nice to wear something other than jeans or shorts, but what skirts I did have weren’t appropriate.1.11
  4. I never thought that I would be saying this, but I actually think I may have more shoes than I need. So with the 9 shoes I’ve chosen for my autumn capsule, and the 3 shoes in my essentials capsule, I have 12 in total which is actually plenty. For example, I’ve basically got two pairs of black flats, do I really need both? I’ve only ever worn my snake print and Hush Puppies sandals a handful of times in total, and the silver shoes I’ve worn ONCE because a) I’ve got my white sneakers in my essential capsule anyway and b) I had to admit they’re too small for me. They fit OK at the time of purchase, but real-life wearing actually meant otherwise.
  5. Some of my clothes needed urgent upgrades. In this post I wrote about how I had to break my no-shopping rule because I was so unhappy with how the only pair of black pants I had in my essentials capsule fit me and how my favourite pair of leopard print flats were starting to give me blisters and made my feet hurt. I couldn’t do another 2+ months of wearing items that I was extremely unhappy about. And the silver sneakers – my feet are in such a bad way as it was, I couldn’t keep wearing shoes that made then worse. I keep harping on about how the capsule wardrobe should only contain items that make you happy, and here I was with at least three things that did not. So if it meant breaking one of my capsule wardrobe rules, then so be it.

I’ve only talked about the negative aspects of the capsule wardrobe, but what about the positives?

  1. I enjoyed wearing clothes that I may not have otherwise because I was always reaching for my tried and true pieces. Like the mustard blouse – it’s become one of my favourite items in the autumn capsule.  I actually went with a double denim look that I had been apprehensive about before because, well, those were the only clean clothes I had that were appropriate for the outing planned that day. And I ended up really liking that double denim outfit.
  2. I like seeing what new combinations I could make with the limited number of clothes I have. For example, this white jeans/denim jacket combo is something I never would have thought of if I had all of my other clothes distracting me. Also, the culottes from my autumn capsule are getting more of a workout than the chambray pants I have in my essentials capsule! (See here and here.)
  3. Not that I dress for my husband, but he’s been saying how nice my outfits have been lately – I suppose he had been used to seeing me in the same kind of outfit, wearing those tried and true pieces every week. Even after all these years of being together, it’s still nice that he notices what I’m wearing 🙂

My favourite outfits from March:

Yes, every one of them includes denim in some form or another. Perhaps I should just change my moniker to 5 Feet of Denim.

So it’s with a mix of relief (that month one is down) and trepidation (with two months to go) that I enter month 2 of my capsule wardrobe challenge. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed playing along with me and keeping up with my (almost) daily outfits on Instagram and Facebook! As per usual you can subscribe to receive the weekly summary of the blog straight to your inbox or follow me on Bloglovin’. Have a fantastic weekend!

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    1. Thanks Chelsea! I have to say I’ve questioned myself a few times in the last month, but it’s been a fun challenge so far x

  1. Love hearing your honest thoughts about this. Sounds like weather can make it tricky! And it seems like you’ve learned a lot about what you would pick were you to do it again. I totally have to many shoes! ?

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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