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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Month 2: Starting to f(l)ail

It’s getting cold and I have ZERO sweaters in my current capsule wardrobe. I’m feeling a little uninspired and to be honest a little bored.

Admittedly this is my first time having a capsule wardrobe so I guess I was bound to start feeling this way at some point – I’m still trying to get over having double the amount of clothing in my closet.

I still have those days when I feel like wearing a particular item of clothing but can’t because I’ve excluded it from my autumn capsule. This is particularly true for those days when Sydney has had a hint of winter in the air and I’ve wanted to wear a snuggly knit, only to be disappointed as – guess what? No knits in my autumn capsule. Or I’ve desperately wanted to wear my boyfriend fit jeans because they’re so comfy and I think they’d look great with something I’ve actually included in my autumn capsule but alas, no boyfriend jeans in my current wardrobe.

There are days when I feel really uninspired by the wardrobe I’ve selected and I’ve ended up wearing activewear because I just didn’t want to wear anything in my capsule (thank goodness athleisure is on trend and I can wear yoga pants even if I don’t do yoga).

I realise these are #firstworldproblems and I kind of put these feelings upon myself because I chose to do this capsule wardrobe challenge, but if I hadn’t done it in the first place I probably wouldn’t know if I had been able to succeed or not. At the moment I feel like I’m not doing a very good job at doing this capsule wardrobe thing, and my DIY projects (see this and this) may be stemming from my lack of inspiration from my current capsule wardrobe because I feel like I need something more than what I have. Not necessarily anything extra, but something else.

I’m also finding that with some clothes in heavier rotation than what they would have been when I had more clothes in my closet, they actually needed to be updated or upgraded, which I would have ignored because of the fact I had other clothes I could have worn.

Being a style/fashion blogger, there are trends that I really want to try, for example the raw hem denim jeans; wide leg pants; bell sleeve tops. How do I incorporate trying out these trends when I have to stick to what I chose in my capsule wardrobe? How do I make dressing up fun when sometimes I just don’t feel any fun in it?

I’ve got one month left of my current capsule wardrobe and I’m already doing the planning for my winter capsule – perhaps this was what was lacking in my previous capsule. I was on holiday for two weeks before I started my first capsule and I’d been planning for that instead of the capsule, without an awful lot of thought into what I really needed. I don’t want these negative feelings to impact on the capsule wardrobe challenge because I do think it’s worth doing, but perhaps my approach (and maybe even my definition) will change.

And I guess that’s something to take into account – that when you’re starting out with the capsule wardrobe challenge, the capsule is something that will evolve over time – so something that you thought was an essential when you first started may not actually be one at the end. That what you thought might be the right way to go about a capsule wardrobe may not actually be right for you, and that you need to rejig or redefine the parameters to suit yourself more.

What I am enjoying however is the inspiration I get from fellow bloggers, especially on those days when I just feel so blah about my capsule wardrobe. And the blogging experience itself is kinda fun too I suppose 🙂


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