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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: My 10 item essentials capsule

I’m back from my short trip to the Philippines! It was so lovely to catch up with family as well as show Mr Husband my heritage, but it was also a holiday jam packed with activities that I just want to lie down and sleep for the next three days. But I’ve got a capsule wardrobe to share with you and am plugging away to get it ready for the 1st of March!

As I mentioned in my previous post about putting together the capsule wardrobe, I’m going to have TWO capsules – one consisting of 10 essential items that will be used throughout the year, and one seasonal capsule that will have 35 items that I’ll wear over three months. Today I’ll be revealing my 10-item essentials wardrobe!

Capsule item details (see above image, clockwise from top left):

  • Blazer, Portmans (similar)- The blazer is an important part of my overall wardrobe – I like wearing it back with a nice blouse and the pencil skirt for work, but it works just as well with a pair of ripped jeans and a tee.
  • White button up blouse, David Lawrence (similar)- A piece of clothing which, like the blazer, works just as nicely with a pair of trousers for work as well as with denim shorts.
  • Striped top, Witchery (similar)- because I’m a sucker for anything striped, and this top is made of a thick-ish fabric that can withstand constant washing and can be worn year round.
  • Legging jean, Gap (similar)- I find skinny jeans to be most flattering on my petite frame and short legs, and this pair of stretchy legging jeans are great with sneakers for daytime trips to the park with the kids and can be dressed up with heels for date night with husby.
  • Chambray pants, Country Road (similar)- when I want to wear something casual but jeans are too heavy, these are the perfect alternative. I could probably also get away with wearing them to work too as they don’t look like jeans.
  • Sandals, Birkenstock – thank goodness for the normcore trend as these sandals are super comfy as well as being a favourite shoe of stylistas.
  • Flats, Tory Burch – I’ll mainly wear these for work as my job involves a lot of standing, but they’re also a good alternative to sneakers when I want something comfy but a little bit dressier.
  • Miss Stan Smith, Adidas (similar)– like the Birkenstock sandal, the white sneaker came about as a result of the normcore movement and one that I’ll wear whenever I get the chance The only challenge? Keeping them pristine white! (EDIT 1st March: these shoes have had a little accident since I wrote this post – the joy of having kids – since I’ve been hoarding white sneakers I’m replacing them with my white patent Puma Baskets.)
  • Pencil skirt, Forcast (similar) – another item that will mainly be worn for work, but I’m going to try and find other ways to wear them outside of the office.
  • Black pants, H&M (similar) – yet another work item, these also happen to be the only pair of black pants I own (other than black jeans), and I can’t go back to work without a pair of black pants in my arsenal.

You’ll see these items throughout the capsule wardrobe challenge, so for example, you might see the skirt with a chunky knit in my winter capsule, or with a sleeveless tank in my summer capsule.

Make sure you check back on Leap Day (February 29) for my 35-item fall/autumn capsule wardrobe! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin’, and sign up to receive a weekly summary of my blog posts!

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