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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: My 50 item winter capsule wardrobe

I’ve been planning it for a few weeks now, and what with the cold starting to bite here in Sydney it really is time to get this winter capsule wardrobe started.

I mentioned previously that I had to end of autumn capsule wardrobe early for a number of reasons, one of them primarily being that most of the items in it were not suited to the impending winter season. Hopefully this winter capsule wardrobe nips this issue in the bud!

A few changes to my approach:

  1. I decided not to have an essentials capsule and a seasonal capsule anymore. I’ve incorporated certain winter-appropriate items from my essentials capsule into my winter one, such as the blazer, white shirt and black pants. I figured that having a 10 item essentials capsule + 35 item autumn capsule isn’t much different to having a 50 item winter one.
  2. I’ve decided to cap the number of items in my wardrobe to 50 (including shoes), but I actually haven’t got 50 items in my capsule… yet. I’m keeping it flexible and constantly evolving because…
  3. I work with other websites where I’m occasionally lucky enough to be given clothes, or be gifted items from collaborations, and after all that hard work it would be amiss not to work them somehow into my closet. Also, I love thrifting, doing refashions and giving new life to old clothes (and sharing these projects with you all!), and again I wouldn’t want to see how these fit into my wardrobe.
  4. Ultimately, I need to decide if the capsule wardrobe approach works for me, my lifestyle and my interests – the first attempt was a bit of a bust, but I don’t want to give up that easily; however, I also don’t want to be trapped into doing something that doesn’t work.

So with all that out of the way, let’s get to the winter capsule.

NB: Items marked with * are new; items marked ** are thrifted; items marked ^ are recently gifted, either through collaborations or just as a present


winter-capsule-wardrobe-1Top row, l-r: Witchery long sleeved top (similar) | David Lawrence long sleeved white button down shirt (similar) | J. Crew gingham button down shirt (similar)
Middle row, l-r: DIY flared sleeve blouse (similar) | Esprit chambray blouse (similar) | Gorman silk rust button down blouse**
Bottom row, l-r: Commes Des Garcons Play striped long sleeve shirt* | Gap polka dot button down shirt (similar) | Next window pane shirt with drape detail^ (similar)

If you’ve been playing along with my capsule wardrobe challenge, some of the shirts above will be similar – they’re from my autumn capsule wardrobe. While on a thrifting trip to the markets to find materials for a DIY project, I stumbled across a stall selling second hand Gorman clothing and couldn’t help myself, picking up quite a few good quality items at a great price. These items will be injecting some much needed colour into my wardrobe.

The Next shirt is an example of clothing I’ve been given as a result of writing work I’ve done. I love the print and drape detail of this shirt, so you can wear it tucked in or untucked.


winter-capsule-wardrobe-6.jpgFrom top to bottom: Sheike black knit | Uniqlo cashmere knit | H&M short sleeved cowl neck knit** | Nike sweater with leather shoulder detail | Gap sweater | Mango navy cable knit jumper | Gap chunky rib knit jumper* | Forever New cable knit cardigan

I don’t like hanging my knits and sweats, hence the pile arrangement for the picture, so when I wear them I’ll link to similar ones online.

I’m well aware of the rather monotonous colour choices of my knits… no matter what I do, I always reach for cream, grey or black. Creature of habit.


winter-capsule-wardrobe-4Top row, l-r: Black leather jacket, eBay** (similar) | Cotton On puffer vest (similar) | Sheike white and navy striped waterfall cardigan
Bottom row, l-r: David Lawrence trench coat (similar) | DIY trench vest (similar) | Max Mara Studio white jacket** (similar)
Not pictured: Portmans blazer as it’s being dry cleaned (see my essentials capsule)

I have been after a black leather jacket for a long time and had to get this one from eBay – I mean, look at this lining:


I’ve written before about whether or not to get a white blazer and was extremely lucky to find the Max Mara one at my local thrift store – for $8!


winter-capsule-wardrobe-5.jpgFrom top to bottom: Country Road button down skirt** | Gorman multi coloured pencil skirt** | Staple the Label pleather pencil skirt | Marcs black pants | ABrand waxed black denim jeans | Gap high waist dark denim jeans* | DIY raw uneven hem jeans | ABrand grey jeans with distressed knees** | Gorman printed high waisted pants | Gorman high waisted navy pants with polka dots**
(As with the knits, I will be posting similar items available online in outfit posts)

As opposed to 7 bottoms in my autumn capsule, I have 10 for winter. Not only for the obvious reason that it’s colder, but I also missed certain items that I hadn’t included in my autumn capsule so I decided to up the number of bottoms so I could include them here. I’m storing the lighter coloured denim for winter.

I’ve also made quite a few updates to my bottoms. I have changed most of my jeans to be high waisted as my high waisted Rollas jeans from my autumn capsule have been a revelation. They kept everything tucked in, the back pockets actually sat on my bottom, they’re super flattering for my short legs. I don’t know why I didn’t adopt high-waisted everything in the first place. My old low waisted jeans have either been donated or sold on eBay.

Also, for some reason the Forcast pencil skirt from my essentials capsule no longer fits. Either it shrank or I put on weight. I had this Staple the Label pleather skirt which I thrifted last year kicking around and decided to replace the pencil skirt with this.



2 dresses this time around, one for work and one for play. The ASOS dress on the left was a gift from hubby last year – it’s made of a thicker denim so would be perfect for winter. I’ve had this digital print Barkins dress for years and I just love it – this was one of the items I missed from my wardrobe during my autumn capsule period.


winter-capsule-wardrobe-2.jpgBack row, l-r: Shoe the Bear lace up boots (similar) | Shuz Label sneakers with silver star* (copied from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand | similar) | Witchery leopard print sneakers (similar to these Adidas Stan Smith ones | similar) | Topshop Copenhagen sneakers* (copied from Saint Laurent sneakers) | Diana Ferrari black knee high boots (similar)
Front row, l-r: Shoe the Bear suede ankle boots (similar) | Tory Burch Reva flats | Sportsgirl leopard lace up flats (similar) | Sportsgirl almond toe loafers*(similar) | Windsor Smith Chelsea boots (similar)

I’ve kept the Tory Burch flats from my essentials capsule and the Sportsgirl leopard print ones from my autumn capsule – but I’ve also made a few updates here. I hardly wore my white Puma sneakers from my essentials capsule as they just didn’t fit me very well – I always felt uncomfortable wearing them. When researching what I could replace them with, I saw these Topshop ones from a blog (I don’t remember which one) and was straight onto their website clicking “Add to Cart”.

I work near Chinatown in Sydney and pass quite a few Korean fashion stores on my way to the office. I spied these shoes in the window one day and was curious about them ever since – they’re pretty much replicas of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers. One day I decided to try them on for fun… and they left the store with me. Lesson learned: never try anything on for “fun”.

I also decided to trade my Witchery lace up flats from my autumn capsule for these Sportsgirl almond toe ones, not only because I had been lusting after these shoes for ages, but also because I think these loafers are more versatile than the lace ups – they look better with jeans, for example.

In total I have 46 items, so I have space for 4 bonus items to make up the 50 item limit I’ve set myself for this capsule wardrobe. As per the previous capsule wardrobe, I’ll be creating outfits from only these 46-50 items; however, the no-shopping rule will be relaxed a little, and I’ll try to buy second hand/thrifted where I can. If something has been bought or thrifted, I’ll re-assess the items and decide what should go in place of the new/old item.

I hope you’ll join me for the next three months in testing out my winter capsule wardrobe! I’d love to know what you think xx

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