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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Step 4 – Defining My Style (Part C)

Have you read my post over on the site about identifying your primary, secondary and accent colours? For the last post in defining my style, I’m talking about colour – specifically, what colours will define my fall/autumn capsule wardrobe, and what colours I will use to complement or accent my main palette.

I’m mainly using my existing wardrobe and Pinterest pins to decide what colours I should include, and as well as add any others that go with what I’ve chosen.

Here’s my newly edited wardrobe:

Looking at my wardrobe plus my pins on Pinterest, I can complete my colour palette table as follows.

Primary Black, white, blue
Secondary Navy blue, beige, grey
Accent Red, mustard, pink, khaki

Hmmm, my primary and secondary colours seem rather boring right? The primary colour palette should have some neutral colours in it – I suggest two – as these can go with a lot of different colours to create multiple outfits. If you’re more comfortable with a brighter colour in your primary colour palette, I say go for it! In my case, my accent colours are what will give my mostly neutral outfits a bit of zing – so a little bit of pink on an otherwise white blouse, or a splash of red on a black blouse. Note how the accent colours also work together – so if for whatever reason I decide I’m sick to death of wearing black and grey, I could potentially create an outfit with my mustard blouse and khaki pants. The most important thing is that these colours suit me and I feel happy when I wear them.

Although minimal capsule wardrobes are typically very neutral in tone, I think that just because you have a minimal wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean you should stick to neutral colours – there are some very inspirational capsule wardrobe collections that use colour very successfully. The trick is to have colours that work together, as you want all the pieces in your capsule wardrobe to complement so you can make the most of each piece and create as many outfits as you can. You’ll also find that your colour choices will change as the seasons change – and that’s OK too. Life shouldn’t be lived in black and white!

Now that I’ve got an idea of the colours I like and feel comfortable in, I can use these to start thinking about what items of clothing I’ll include in my first capsule wardrobe – and if I need to buy anything to round it out, I know what colour to look for. (It’s pretty safe to say that I will be including at least 1 pair of blue jeans in my capsule wardrobe!) What colours would you choose?

Next week I’ll be using all of the information I’ve talked about in the last few weeks to start planning the pieces in my first capsule wardrobe – eeek! Make sure you subscribe to receive email updates and get the latest posts straight to your inbox!

Till next time! x


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