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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Step 5 – Putting it all together

For the last few weeks I’ve been talking about preparing the capsule wardrobe, and now’s the time to actually start putting all the information together to build it!

As a recap:
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Step Three – Defining My Style: My style inspiration
Step Four – Defining My Style: My capsule wardrobe colours

So let’s go through the building stage for your capsule wardrobe!

I talked in detail over on the blog about the main steps to building the capsule wardrobe so be sure to click over there to read about it. I’ll use the same steps below to outline how I’m doing it.

My capsule wardrobe approach

I decided to go with a 2 capsule wardrobe approach – the all-season capsule which consists of 10 essential items, that I can use throughout the year; and a seasonal capsule, which will consist of 35 items that I’ll mix and match to create outfits over 3 months. I went with this approach given the weather in Sydney can be a bit hit and miss – I’ve found myself pulling out a jumper in the middle of January – so having a little back up, if you will, of clothes that I could wear year-round could help out with this.

How many pieces will I have in my capsule wardrobe?

As I mentioned above, the essentials capsule will have 10 items, and the seasonal capsule will have 35. How did I get to this number? Well, quite simply, I knew which 10 items I wanted in my essentials capsule, and I just thought 45 would be a nice number to aim for, so settled with 35 for the seasonal capsule. It’s not very scientific I’m afraid.

How pieces of each type of clothing will I have?

So out of the 35 items in the seasonal capsule I’m going with:

14 tops
8 bottoms
9 shoes
1 dress
3 outerwear pieces

I went with 1 top per fortnight, so hopefully by the time the two weeks is over people who see you regularly would have forgotten that you’d worn those tops previously 🙂 8 bottoms because I just had to include an extra pair of jeans, and when I had a realistic look at what shoes I would wear on a regular basis I found 9 to be the magic number.

Why only 1 dress? As I’m still breasfeeding Mr Milk Vampire, it’s just easier for me to pull up/unbutton my shirt and feed him as I need to so the majority of the pieces are separates. I have this one dress that I do want to wear though so am keeping this in my March-May capsule 🙂

This then left me with 3 outerwear pieces, which is great for the transition to winter – given I don’t have as many tops as I’m used to, the outerwear options give me a little variety in how I can layer up!

What clothes will I be choosing?

As the capsule wardrobe also coincides with when I go back to work (sob!), I’ll need to choose clothes that are appropriate both as a park-visiting mum and as a person who has face-to-face contact with stakeholders. I’m lucky enough to work in an environment where corporate dress isn’t required, but I think I’ll include some button up shirts because they’re great for breastfeeding and they’re perfect for work. My black trousers and pencil skirt in my essentials capsule are probably enough to keep my bottom covered for work, but with the changeable temperature I need a mix of cool- and warm-weather appropriate options for other days. I’ll probably need to look at including more closed shoe options because the weather can be unpredictable at best at this time of the year.

Of course, these clothes will be carefully chosen so they coordinate well together, AND they’re clothes that I love!

Check back on the blog next week when I’ll reveal my very first capsule wardrobe (which I’m both excited and absolutely terrified about)!!

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