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Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 2.19: Grey day

Happy winter solstice everyone. To mark the shortest day of the year, Sydney decided to turn on some rather windy and chilly weather.

As such, layers were essential – even though the sun tried its best to poke out of the clouds today, there was still a bite in the air. A knit was the only choice to combat the cold – and I didn’t feel like wearing any of my sweatshirts, as I had been dagging around in that yesterday.


I love love love the look and feel of cashmere, but it can be quite expensive – thank you to Uniqlo for making it accessible to mere mortals such as myself. I was lucky enough to buy this sweater during one of Uniqlo’s flash sales last year, so it was a very reasonable price (from memory, around $70) – it’s lovely and soft, and really does keep you warm.


If you have a look at the sweaters I chose for my winter capsule wardrobe you’ll notice I have a lot of grey. For some reason I’m really drawn to that shade – not just because it’s a neutral, but I think of all the monochromatic colours it suits my skin tone best. Black can wash you out, white can be unforgiving… but grey is that nice medium between the two (yes, I realise black + white = grey, so my comment isn’t overly scientific) and for me makes it a warmer alternative.


The same applies with boots – while black ankle boots are an absolute essential, I’ve had numerous pairs of brown or tan boots that haven’t lasted very long because they just didn’t seem right. They didn’t go with my outfits, or the shade just seemed a little wrong. These grey Windsor Smith Chelsea boots have lasted the longest, because they just seemed much more versatile than the other tan ones I’ve owned. And just like the sweater, the grey of the boots suit my skin tone quite well, which I couldn’t say with confidence about my tan boots.


Does that mean grey should be boring? Not at all. Being a neutral, it could go with a variety of bright colours, and the grey helps to really make those colours pop. For today however I stuck to my monochromatic mood and chose the Gap polka dot button up as a layer under the sweater and high-waisted dark denim Gap jeans.


I couldn’t resist this Maison Scotch tote bag when browsing around the flagship store in Sydney the other week – if you couldn’t tell from the top, I quite like spots. The black velvet spots against the smooth black of the bag make the bag fun to wear, yet still appropriate for the office.


A basic grey outfit for a cold grey Sydney day.



Sweater: Uniqlo (similar)
Shirt: Gap (similar)
Jeans: Gap (similar | similar)
Boots: Windsor Smith (similar)
Bag: Maison Scotch

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