Shopping: how to buy affordable (and authentic) luxury items

So you want to buy a designer item because of its longevity and quality. BUT you can’t afford the retail price, which is understandable. You might then look at getting a second hand one instead, and might check out eBay. When shopping for luxury or designer items second hand, how do you know if what you’re buying is legit?

Instagram Inspiration This Week

Posting this week’s inspiration from Instagram and where to get similar items via TheRealReal (which I am obsessed with!), just in time for Fashion Week!

Graphic t-shirts and my favourite ways to wear them

With summer knocking on Sydney’s door I’m so excited to start busting out my collection of graphic t-shirts. Graphic tees are a great way to express your personality and style in one simple item of clothing. For this post I thought I would break down the different types of graphic tees available, my picks for which ones to add to…

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Inspiration: Pink Midi Skirt

It seems a little specific doesn’t it, to talk about a pink midi skirt? However, I have good reasons for it, and I’m open to ideas and suggestions from you too!

The Minimalist Black Dress

Recently I looked back at my outfit posts on the blog and Instagram and realised there was something missing from my wardrobe: a black dress.