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How to create a bracelet stack arm party (and a JORD watch giveaway!)

jord womens watch giveaway

Sharing a few ideas on creating the perfect bracelet stack or arm party – and how to win your own JORD wood watch!

I don’t usually wear necklaces because children (all mamas will know what I mean), but I always wear a watch (for the same reason). Whenever I want to wear more than just a watch, I dress up my wrists with a bracelet stack, or a pumpin’ arm party. When JORD kindly gifted me a watch to write about, it was the perfect opportunity to show how I create my arm party using the JORD Fieldcrest watch in Dark Sandalwood as the basis.

1. Start with a bracelet set.

jorn womens watch arm party

If you’re unsure of which bracelets or bangles go well together for a perfect arm party, try starting out with a bracelet set. The set I’ve worn my JORD watch with is by Samantha Wills (bought secondhand from Camberwell markets), but stores like Lovisa do pretty good affordable sets.

2. Go with one metal.

jorn womens watch arm party

Try the arm party with the same metal for the set (ie all silver or all gold), and add an accent stone (like the turquoise in my Samantha Wills bracelet set ) if you want more oomph in your stack.

One of the features I love about the JORD Fieldcrest watch is the fact that the dark sandalwood has a warm tone to it and isn’t as stark as a black watch, so it goes well with both gold and silver – you just choose your metal of choice.

3. Tell a story.

jorn womens watch arm party

Charm bracelets or bangles are a beautiful way to make your arm party personalised and say something about you. These Alex and Ani charm bangles I’m wearing with my JORD watch each have a charm representing something about my life, and when stacked together they narrate a little story about me.

4. Go with a theme with your outfit. 

jord womens watch giveaway

For example, the Alex and Ani bracelet stack has a bit of a boho feel to it, so why not add a boho element to your outfit? I don’t do full boho (it just doesn’t suit me) but I do love this old Cotton On kimono with boho-esque print and it works well with the Alex and Ani arm party. The dark sandalwood of my JORD watch is pretty versatile and goes well with most themes.

5. Mix it up.

jord womens watch giveaway

Once you’re comfortable with what bracelets or bangles suit you and your personality, start mixing them up – rather than all bracelets for example, try bracelets and bangles together. Add a leather cuff, or a bangle in a funky shape. Here I’m wearing my JORD watch with an old studded Oroton cuff, gold nail bracelet bought from Glebe markets many years ago, and a gold bangle handed down from my mum.

If you’re comfortable with it, why not mix your metals and stones together? Below I’ve paired the JORD watch with a silver bracelet with glass evil eye beads, a couple of DIY bracelets made from assorted stones and charms (and with my kids’ names on them), and a Coach gold and leather bangle given to me by my mum. Again, the dark sandalwood of the watch goes well with anything you throw at it.

jord womens watch arm party

And now, for the GIVEAWAY!

I’m teaming up with JORD to give one of my readers a $180 e-gift card to go towards your very own JORD watch! Check out the women’s range or the men’s range and see which watch you like (I am LOVING the Frankie watch in Purpleheart and Plum) and click on the link below to enter the giveaway. The giveaway ends midnight 19th March! 

Click here to enter the JORD watch giveaway

I also have a coupon code to receive 15% off your JORD watch purchase! Head over to my Instagram where I’ve posted a video talking about my JORD watch and grab the code which is in the caption below the video.

Hope you enter the giveaway and good luck!

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