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DIY: Chunky Knit Cardigan

Testing out my knitting skills by whipping up a chunky knit cardigan for winter.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at creating my own version of the I Love Mr Mittens chunky knit cardigans; however, I’m a self-taught knitter and my skills are probably advanced beginner at best. What is it that they say though – practice makes perfect? At the very least, actually start knitting again! I decided to give my knitting another go by purchasing the Wool Couture Company/A Snapshot of Me chunky knit bomber cardigan pattern from Etsy.

The pattern looks simple enough. The cardigan uses 10mm and 12mm needles (US 15 and 17 respectively) and is made up of 1×1 rib stitch and stockinette stitch (with the purl side facing outwards), with some increasing. I had some Lionbrand yarn in Washington Denim from a previous (failed) knitting project that was just sitting around, unravelled from that never-completed project which I decided to use for this cardigan.

The cardigan knitted very quickly (it helps to have a few episodes of Silent Witness on tap). I don’t do tension gauging primarily because I’m lazy, and it’s evident in the final product. While the yarn I had was OK, the tension of my cardigan wasn’t consistent, I think because the yarn was probably not suitable for 12mm needles.

I decided to make the stockinette stitch the right side of the cardigan rather than the purl side – given my inconsistent tension, the knit side was a bit less obvious. Essentially I’ve made the cardigan inside out compared to the original instructions.

However, having made the cardigan, I’m pumped to do it again, this time using more suitable yarn for the project! (And maybe even a tension gauge!!)

Outfit Details: Knitted cardigan (pattern via etsy) | Reformation t-shirt (bought second hand via Facebook) | Blank NYC skinny classique jeans | Isabel Marant Bart sneakers in leopard (bought second hand via ebay) |
Dooney and Bourke crossbody bag

Buy the pattern here, or buy the kit with the pattern and yarn (BYO needles).

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Chunky Knit Cardigan

  1. Oh you’re so skilled, that looks awesome! I love big chunky cardigans like this and I’d like to add some to my wardrobe once my no-shop is over. I did a long long time ago knit a little toy when I was in school, but I’d have no idea where to even begin now so buying something similar would be the way I’d go, haha!

    Remember that chat we had over email about products? I release my eBook on the blog today! Equal parts excited and nervous!

    1. Thanks Mica! It was quite fun knitting this! Maybe I could whip one up for you as a gift for your no shop commitment? 😀

      As for your ebook, how exciting! I’ll check it out soon! X

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