DIY: Embroidered Tank Top

Or, how I covered up a bleach spot with some embroidered flowers.

You may have seen this tank top before in this post:

I’ve worn it a few times since (it was a great top to wear during pregnancy), and somehow had gotten some stains on it. I merrily sprayed some stain remover on the offending stains without a second thought.

Unfortunately, the colour of the top wasn’t as colourfast as I thought. The stain remover left marks on both sides, front and back.

🙁 🙁 🙁

I had only just gotten the top last year and was miffed at myself for not taking better care of it. Rather than ditch it (which seemed wasteful to me) I briefly thought about dyeing it, but have had mixed results trying to dye over bleach stains. Instead of risking the same results I’ve had before with dyeing, I decided to put my embroidery skills to use.

I used plain old ball point pen to draw my design over the bleach stain, as I was going to embroider over it anyway.

The one thing I should’ve done but didn’t have the opportunity to do so (newborn baby anyone?) – as the knit of this top was quite fragile I should have used a stabiliser. In my previous embroidery project the top was actually pretty strong and it meant I could embroidery without a stabiliser, but the knit fabric of this top was more delicate and as I embroidered I found it made holes in the fabric now and again.

Lesson learnt? Use a fabric stabiliser!

My in laws commented that it was a pretty time-consuming way to deal with a stain, but were pretty impressed with the result. I’m happy with it too!

A quick note about these jeans I’m wearing – I’m still a size bigger than I was pre-pregnancy, but have missed wearing jeans. I thrifted these ones from Vinnies but only realised after I had brought them home that they were actually men’s jeans! They were a pretty good fit though, and as I’ve been more into straight leg than skinny leg jeans lately they were the cut I was after. (If you’re interested, they’re J Brand “Kane” slim straight jeans.)

If you’ve accidentally stained a top and can’t get it out, consider putting a pretty embroidered design over it. Just make sure you use stabiliser!

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4 thoughts on “DIY: Embroidered Tank Top

  1. Your top looks beautiful – you’d never know it was because it was stained as you did such a great job with the embroidery! 🙂 My maxi skirt had a run in with a stain remover and it stripped all the colour off it, I was so upset to see it go. I did consider maybe trying to wear it and make it look like it was intentional, but it really was so uneven it was obvious to see it was a stain 🙁 All over it unfortunately, no embroidery could have saved it!

    1. Ohhhhh I’ve had those too, on a pair of pants! So annoying right! That’s where I did the dye job but unfortunately the dye didn’t work on the bleach, so the bleach ended up being a slightly lighter colour than the rest of the newly dyed pants! Sigh.

    1. Yes, I feel like it’s such a waste to throw out a top that’s still perfectly fine, if a little discoloured! Although now I’m a little less liberal with the old stain remover 😛

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