DIY: Gold Button Blazer

How I jazzed up a thrifted navy blue blazer simply by changing the buttons.

The Inspiration

I love the gold button detail of the Balmain blazer (top), but I also like to eat, so the $2,500 price tag is slightly out of reach. The Camilla and Marc Dimmer blazer (bottom) is also gorgeous, but it’s also a little pricey at $680.

How I did it

The first thing was to find a double breasted blazer that was my size. However, that proved to be incredibly difficult – instead, I decided to create a “faux” double breasted jacket, like the one below (unfortunately I don’t remember who designed this jacket):

I picked up this Zara blazer for $10 from my trip to Kirribilli Markets on Mother’s Day:

Finding gold buttons in the sizes I needed was also tricky. I ended up buying 6 smaller buttons with a maritime symbol on them, and 5 larger buttons with a dragon. Hopefully if you don’t look too closely you can’t tell that they’re completely different!

I cut off the original buttons, then sewed a gold button in place of each of these.

Using measuring tape and tailor’s chalk I marked out evenly where I wanted the remaining buttons to be placed.

All that needed to be done was to sew the rest of the buttons on!

I actually removed and re-sewed the buttons on the body after trying the blazer on as I found them to be too far apart.

The blazer is also a little tight around the bust for me when I button it up, so I may end up buying another gold button and sewing that in the place of the buttonhole so that the buttons are even on both sides. (Although I’d love to know what you think!)

My coat from my previous post needed some TLC too. When I bought it, one of the buttons on the wrist was missing, and the button on the body was falling off. Indeed, the buttons themselves were a bit meh.

I picked up some tortoiseshell buttons in the correct sizes and sewed these on after removing the old ones. I love how the tortoiseshell has given the coat a bit of interest!

If you’ve got an old blazer/coat or have thrifted one recently, why not change up the buttons? It’s a simple refashion that gives it a bit of oomph!

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