DIY: lace up flats

lace up shoes diy
I’m so excited to be on the Cut Out + Keep website as a DIY Fashionista, featuring my DIY lace up flats! This is such an easy project, and once you’ve got some eyelets and an eyelet plier you’ll want to punch holes in all of your flat shoes so that they lace up around your ankle.

I’ve had these old Witchery flats for years, and through constant wear the leather had stretched to a point that the shoes kept slipping off my feet. Through the addition of the lace up detail I was able to solve two problems in one DIY: keep wearing these shoes because the lace up helps them stay on my feet; and be able to wear on-trend lace up shoes.

Lace up flats are tricky for me because 1. I’m petite, so dark-coloured lace ups (or any ankle strap) cuts the length of my leg and appear to make my legs look shorter; and 2. I’m no skinny minnie so most lace up shoes can accentuate my “athletic” calves. These lace up flats actually work on my legs because of their nude shade – the leather ties are a similar colour to my skin so it doesn’t have the same truncating effect as say a black pair of lace ups do. And because they aren’t too obvious, the ties don’t highlight the calves as a darker pair of lace ups would.

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