DIY: Ballet Flats with Ankle Wrap Ribbons

A quick and easy DIY for a designer dupe of ballet flats!

For quite some time I had been in love/lust with a particular pair of shoes by a high end Italian designer. I won’t name names, but if you do a decent Google search you can figure out who does these.

They’re basically ballet flats with two buckle straps that go across the top of the foot, with the option of wearing either black ribbon or gingham ribbon tied around the ankles, or you could go even edgier by wearing one foot with a black ribbon and the other gingham. These ballet flats are just the right amount of punk pretty, and when they started to saturate my Pinterest and Instagram of course I became obsessed.

But WHOA the price! For basically a pair of flat shoes with two types of ribbon!

When I had the chance to get to Spotlight, I decided it was now or neverto try and DIY these babies. I was inspired by this fabulous tutorial by Homemade Banana but did it a little differently based on the materials I had.

You’ll need:

  • An old pair of ballet flats
  • 2 packets of Semco buckles (or similar)
  • (optional) awl, stanley knife or scissors
  • (optional) grommets and grommet pliers or a grommet kit
  • leather and vinyl glue (or similar)
  • pegs or similar to help glue buckles to shoes
  • 4-5 feet of black ribbon
  • 4-5 feet of gingham ribbon

How I Did It:

1.(Optional step) You can see that the Semco buckles I bought were straight, then bell shaped at the ends where they attach to the shoe. You can certainly keep them that way, but I chose to make the whole buckle straight, so used a ruler to straighten off the bell ends and then awl and scissors to cut the excess.

2. Another optional step, I really liked the hardware of the buckles on the original designer shoe, so I decided to reinforce the holes of my Semco buckles with silver grommets. I could have added more holes and grommets to the buckles but I ran out of silver grommets!

3. Using the leather and vinyl glue use a small amount to glue both ends of the buckles to the shoe. The original designer shoe has the buckles on the outside, but mine weren’t long enough to go all the way down to the sole like the designer version so I glued mine to the inside of the shoe.

4. Use the pegs to help the buckles adhere to the shoe and leave them to dry overnight.

4. Done!

So you have the option to wear the flats without the ribbon as below.

You could also wear the ribbon wrapped around your ankle. To do this, I simply put the middle of the ribbon under my foot, put my foot into the shoe, crossed ribbon over the top of my foot, then wrapped it around my ankle a few times. I found 4 1/2 feet to be the best length for me, but I wouldn’t go any shorter than 4 feet.

I like the black ribbons and the gingham ribbons, but I have to admit, having the mismatched ribbons felt a bit “fashion girl”to me… but I like it on others? What do you think?

If DIY isn’t your thing, below are some ready to wear options!



Let me know what you think of this DIY by commenting below! I’d love to see if you make it too!

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Ballet Flats with Ankle Wrap Ribbons

    1. Thanks Mica! I do really like the original ones – maybe one day I’ll get it – in the meantime these will be fine 🙂 I wasn’t sure with my shortness if it would work, but went with it anyway haha!

      First week of school holidays and it’s choas! Hope your week has been good – and yay to Christmas holidays! xx

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