Quick DIY: Customised Neoprene Bag with Cross-Stitch

Whipped up in just under an hour, I cross-stitched a simple design onto my neoprene bag to personalise it!

Firstly, I wanted to say that this post has NOT been sponsored or was written in partnership with Prene Bags. I just happen to have two of their bags (one which I won through a competition) and just love them to bits.

I’d been thinking of how I could give my Prene Bag a personal touch for a while now, but wasn’t sure of what I could do. Embroidered patches? These seemed a little naff. Badges are also cute but there was the risk of the badge accidentally snagging onto my clothing.

One day while out and about I saw someone wearing a blouse with cross stitch detail and the idea of cross stitching a design on the bag came to me. The holes in my Prene Bag were perfect for cross stitching!

I initially wanted to put a pineapple design on the bag as I wanted a summery design on it and the yellow and green would look great against the navy. However, I only had a pale yellow thread in my embroidery stash but did have a nice cherry red and two shades of green. So cherries it was.

If you’re unfamiliar with cross-stitching there are loads of tutorials on YouTube. I’m not an expert myself – the last time was in high school – but the holes in the bag make it an easy project.

Materials needed to personalise prene bag:

  • Neoprene bag (one with evenly spaced perforations; mine is the Sorrento Navy Blue Prene Bag)
  • White erasable pencil / tailor’s chalk
  • Embroidery thread in colour of choice (I used cherry red, moss green and light green)
  • Scissors

How to do it:

1. With the tailor’s chalk or erasable pencil draw the design onto the bag. Work with the perforations of the bag rather than draw freely – for example, I drew diagonal lines to give the effect of curves on the cherries.

(Sorry for the crappy photo – white erasable pencil doesn’t photograph well.)

with tailor’s chalk draw a design on the neoprene bag

2. I used red thread to start with the cherries. Sew a diagonal stitch and tie the thread to the bag on the wrong side.

tie thread onto bag

3. Technically in cross-stitch you should be doing all diagonal stitches first but I started out with a full cross stitch to see what it looked like. Don’t pull the stitches too tightly, this will pucker the bag.

cross-stitch design onto bag

4. I continued to just do individual cross-stitches to follow the design the drew – this was so I could see how it was progressing.

cross stitch design onto bag

5. Once I’d finished the cherries I moved onto the stalks and leaves. By this stage the white erasable pencil had come off a fair bit so I was cross-stitching freehand, especially for the leaves. You can see they look a tad wonky!

cross stitch design onto bag

6. The final product!

final cross stitched design on neoprene bag

Of course, if I still wanted to do the pineapple design I had the other side of the bag to work on!

It really was such a quick DIY, and of course if you get tired of the design you could always change it or simply take it out altogether.

Let me know what you think of the DIY by commenting below!

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