DIY: Raw Uneven Hem Jeans

I’ve been meaning to do this DIY for a while now – it’s so ridiculously easy that I was even able to do it with two crazy children running around me. I’ll definitely include this in my winter capsule as it’s an easy way to update a tired pair of jeans as well as give some interest to your capsule items.

This style of hem has been a fashion blogger and street style favourite, and I was keen to join the party. I like how it draws attention to your shoes, as well as just being uber cool.

I personally prefer a straight leg or slim bootcut fit of jean; given the detail of the hem and how it hangs, I think it would suit a looser cut of jean rather than a skinny leg or jegging type of jean. Of course, you do you – choose whichever jean you feel comfortable in!

For this project, I found this pair of Sportscraft boyfriend fit straight leg jeans at my local Salvos for $3 – bargain!

You’ll need:

A pair of jeans
Pins (optional)
Fabric scissors
Seam picker

Step 1.

Wear the jeans and determine how long you want to back hem to be. It helps if you wear a pair of shoes that you’ll wear with the jeans as you’ll get a better idea of where you want the hem to fall. For each leg, fold the jeans under to the length you want and pin if necessary.

My decision was easy as the Sportscraft jeans were pretty much the right length, so no folding and pinning required.

Step 2.

Cut one of the legs straight across where you folded them under. For me, I simply cut off the sewn hem.

Step 3.

Do Step 2 with the other leg.

Step 4.

Fold the jeans under again to where you want to front hem to fall. Here pins would be useful to mark where you want the front hem to finish. (I was too lazy to get my pins and just kept the jean leg folded under.) Again, it helps if you’re wearing the shoes you’d wear with the jeans as these will affect the point where you want the front hem to finish. I went with an inch above my ankle as I wanted the lace up detail at the ankle of my shoes to be visible.

Step 5.

Take one jean leg. Using your seam picker, unpick each side of the jean leg to the pins or mark to where you want the front hem to finish.

Step 6.

Cut straight across the jean leg so that you end up with one short and one long hem. You can pull out some extra threads like I did to get the frayed effect straight away, and/or throw the jeans in the wash.

Step 7.

Repeat steps 5 & 6 with the other leg.

And you’re done!

Shirt: Oasis
Jeans: DIY
Shoes: Sportsgirl

Now I can’t claim to be the first one to post a DIY of this; see HonestlyWTF’s version here and The Parlor Girl’s tutorial here.

I hope this inspires you to do your own uneven hem jeans! Of course, if DIY isn’t your thing, below are some shoppable options.

If you decide to do this project, please link back to your blog post in the comment below

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