Refashion DIY: Men’s Button Up Shirt to Belted Skirt

DIY and refashion your own button up skirt by stealing one of your dad’s/husband’s/partner’s old button up shirts!

Of course, if said dad/hubby/partner doesn’t want to part with his button up shirt, you could always thrift it, which is what I did.

$2 from Salvos Stores!

The inspiration for this project:

via Little Party Dress

How I DIY’d it:

1. With the shirt inside out I used an old skirt as a template for the shape of the skirt.

2. I pinned around the skirt, making sure the 2 sides of the shirt were pinned together.

3. I then cut around the pins, leaving around 1-2cm for seam allowance for the sides and 4cm margin for the waist.

4. With the leftover fabric from the sleeves, I cut enough strips to make a sash. I ended up cutting 4 strips of fabric that were 5cm wide.

5. With the leftover fabric from the (now cut up) sleeves, I cut some fabric to make belt loops. They were approximately 3cm x 8cm.

6. Time for the sewing machine. I sewed up the sides of the skirt (straight stitch then zig zag to prevent fraying), then folding the waist seam allowance 2cm then another 2cm I sewed the waist.

7. I then sewed the 4 strips of fabric for the belt together (no big deal if the stripes didn’t align).

With the right side of the fabric facing together I sewed the long edge.

Turning it right side out was interesting (one end attached to a knitting needle with a rubber band did the trick). Once it was the right way around I folded in the raw hems and sewed a straight stitch to close the ends.

8. I’d never done belt loops so this step was really winging it and the result is a little rough. First I sewed the short edge of the loop together with the right side facing. Turning it right way out, I then placed the loop where I wanted it to be on the skirt, with the sewn edge facing the skirt. I folded the top and bottom edges under and used a straight stitch on both to attach the loop to the skirt.

After ironing the skirt and the belt, I looped the belt through and it was ready to wear!

I’m actually quite pleased with the result. Just 2 things of note:

a. It’s actually a bit see through so flesh coloured underwear is a must.

b. With 2 children under my belt my abs aren’t what they used to be, so there’s a bit of gaping between the top 2 button holes (think of your button up shirt and how it gapes at your boobs). The belt seems to conceal it for now but I’d love some suggestions on how to prevent the gaping!

I’m wearing the skirt with my cold shoulder blouse refashion and Topshop loafers.

I like how I can replace the fabric sash with another one of my own belts (but need to bear in mind that ab gape!!)

Let me know what you think of this men’s shirt refashion to button up skirt by commenting below! If you decide to DIY this project, tag me on Instagram (, I’d love to see it!

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