DIY: Shorten Jogging Pants

A quick tutorial on how to shorten jogging pants!

I’m happy to see that the athleisure trend isn’t abating anytime soon because it means I get to wear slouchy jogging pants. (Although really “jogging pants” are just a fancy way of saying “trackpants”, non?) For the purposes of this post I”ll be referring to them as jogging pants, but they’re also known as joggers.

I do love a good pair of jogging pants BUT the old problem persists – being petite means regular jogging pants are way too long. I’ve bought jogging pants from the teen section before (and said pants are the perfect length), but they don’t really accommodate child birthing hips too well.

Inspired by the tutorials of shortening jeans by keeping the old hem, I wondered if it would work for jogging pants. Of course, I only remembered to take photos halfway through doing this so there are two different pants in the process photos below. Hopefully the accompanying instructions

You’ll need:

A pair of jogging pants
A sewing machine


1. Put on the jogging pants and fold up.

2. Carefully bring the cuff back down so that the bottom of the cuff is at your desired length. You’ll see in the photo below I’ve folded it so that the original sewing at the top of the cuff is folded under.

In terms of how long the jogging pants should be, I find just above the ankle is most flattering.

3. Fold the cuff back up and pin where the top of the cuff was. If you’re lazy like me leave it and let the cuff to keep the fabric in place. Carefully take off the jogging pants – you can then use this leg to do the same to the other leg. (A good thing to do if you’re not lazy like me is to use a measuring tape and make sure the folded fabric is the same width all around the leg.)

4. You’re basically going to sew the top of the cuff a bit higher up the pants. I’ve marked where you’ll be sewing in a wonky red line in the pic below.

5. You may want to try them on at this point and make adjustments where necessary, but one you’re happy with it cut off the excess fabric and you’re done.

Here’s how the jogging pants I started out with turned out. The cuffs on these pants is elastic, so instead of hiding the original sewing at the top of the cuff I used a straight stitch to sew alongside it, then a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.

You can see there’s a bit of puckering and that’s OK – it kind of works with jogging pants. I would probably say this method works best if the jogging pants weren’t too tapered.

I’ve started a Pinterest board with some ideas on how to wear jogging pants, but they’re mainly with sneakers and in a casual style. Jogging pants are part of that whole athleisure trend and while I’ve seen some bloggers wear theirs with heels, personally I’d be more comfortable in flat shoes. Jogging pants in a fancier material like silk would work better with heels.

Let me know if you have any questions about this DIY!

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