DIY: Tassel Embellished Sandals

A quick DIY to jazz up a pair of sandals.

I was inspired by this pair of sandals by Zimmermann:

These retail for over AUD$600 and while they are so, so gorgeous it also seems like such an easy project to do yourself.

So with this in mind, this is really more of a post on how to make tassels than anything – if you prefer a video format here is an excellent one by Like Hearted – and then attaching the tassels to an existing pair of sandals to give them a fun, cute detail.

You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery yarn
  • Clear craft glue (optional)
  • Jump rings (optional)

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard so that the vertical edge is basically the length you want for your tassel. My tassels are 7cm (around 3 inches) so the cardboard I have in the pic above is 12cm W x 7cm H. I made another piece of cardboard for Miss 3 to make tassels to but she chose to do some cutting and gluing instead.

Step 2: Wrap the embroidery yarn around the cardboard piece, making sure that the end of the yarn starts at the bottom of the cardboard. The thickness of the tassel will depend on how much yarn you wrap around the cardboard – I wanted a pretty chunky tassel so used an entire roll of yarn.

Step 3: When you have reached the thickness of the tassel you want, cut off the excess (again, finish at the bottom of the cardboard), making sure there is at least 30cm (1 ft) left of yarn.

Step 4: With the excess yarn tie a knot around the yarn at the top of the cardboard and cut off the rest.

Slide the cardboard out for the yarn loops and cut the loops at the bottom.

Step 5: Make like a hairdresser and even up the ends if you wish.

Step 6: Wrap the remainder of that 30cm yarn around the top of the tassel, making a head with the top loops. Tie a knot to secure the wrap. Here you could use clear craft glue to secure the knot if you wish.

Step 7: Optional step to insert a jump ring in the head of the tassel. You can see from the picture above that my jump rings are far too small so I could only put a few loops in the jump ring. No big deal.

Step 8: Repeating steps 2-7 make as many tassels as you want to attach to your sandals!

Now as for attaching them to your sandals, you could use jump rings (just use bigger ones than what I had on my craft stash!), or simply tie them with more embroidery yarn.

The sandals I’m attaching my tassels to are my Sportsgirl lace up ones which I wear at least twice a week. They have certainly worked their way towards #30wears in the short space of time I’ve had them.

Which sandals would these tassels attach to best? Lace up ones like what I’m wearing (you can have the tassels on the criss-cross part like me or near the ankle); T-bar sandals (attach them to the loop at the T); or even just simple single strap sandals (attached them to the middle of the ankle strap or near the buckle).

Wearing: off shoulder blouse bought overseas (similar); Rag and Bone shorts cut off from jeans (similar); DIY tassel lace up sandals.

Below I’ve linked some tassel sandals if you prefer to buy your own!

Let me know what you think of this DIY by commenting below! If you do decide to do this project yourself, tag me on Instagram ( – I’d love to see the final product 🙂

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