DIY Wire Wrapped Stone Bracelets

Sharing how I made wire wrapped stone bracelets for an awesome arm party.

I first saw these Bourbon and Boweties bracelets on Instagram and loved their boho vibes. The statement stones, gold wire and stackability caught my eye. However, they’re only available in the US (as far as I know) and postage to Australia would cost more than the bracelet itself. So DIY it was.


There are multiple tutorials on YouTube and the web on how to make these, and I didn’t want to steal the ideas of these lovely creators. I used the tutorials by Abbi Berta, Art and Soul Beads, and Made in a Day to help me out.

Materials used: marker, plastic cup, bangle that fits me perfectly, 20 gauge (0.8mm) gold wire, wire cutter, stones (these are agate).

1. I put my bangle around the cup and marked where it fit the cup snugly. Alas the marker I had came off the plastic easily so I ended up keeping the bangle on the cup as my guide.

2. I cut off about 2m (or 2 arm spans – see Abbi Berta’s video tutorial above) of wire. I left about 60cm (2 feet) at the beginning of the wire free, and then wrapped the wire 5-6 times around the cup just above the bangle.

3. Sliding the wrapped wire carefully off the cup, I used the 60cm wire that was free to coil around the main part of the bracelet 5-6 times.

4. I slid the agate stone onto the wore used to coil around the bracelet.

5. I made right angles with the wire on both sides of the stone to help it sit better on the bracelet.

6. I then coiled the wire 5-6 times around the bracelet on the other side of the stone.

7. With the remainder of the 60cm wire I wrapped below the stone to create a base or “nest”. Ideally it would be wrapped 5-6 times to give the stone stability. I cut the excess wire off with the wire cutter and tucked the cut end under the main part of the bracelet so that it wouldn’t scratch me.

8. I moved around to where I wanted to put the next stone and wrapped the rest of the longer part of the wire 5-6 times around the bracelet.

9. I slipped the next agate stone on the wire and made right angles as per the first stone.

10. At first I had coiled the remaining wire on the right side of the stone, but changed my mind (you can see how the wire is still bent below). I decided to just coil it twice, then wrap under the stone 5-6 times as per step 7 above. I then coiled the wire on the right side the remaining 4 times.

11. Repeating steps 8-10 to put the third stone on. I cut the excess wire off the third stone and tucked the cut end under the main part of the bracelet. I also experimented with tucking the wire inside the hole of the stone and cutting the wire close to the hole, which also works.

12. The final product!

I had enough wire to make another 3-stone bracelet…

… and just enough to make a single stone one (which Miss 4 has claimed as her own).

They look fab stacked together…

… or with other bracelets.

Heck, why not put them all together for the ultimate arm party?

While it only took me probably 15 minutes to make one bracelet, you could always just buy the Bourbon and Boweties bracelets (which are all made in the USA). Also, check out Etsy for other wire-wrapped stone bracelets for purchase.

Let me know what you think of this DIY by commenting below!

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