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Don’t forget these 3 things when moving home

There are many simple aspects of a move that people often forget about, so click through to read some of the things you should make sure you’re not forgetting with your move!

Whether your a first-time buyer or moving from one home to another, once you have a move-in date it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for the move. When you’ve started with all your plans it can be easy to start thinking that you may have missed something, or be wondering whether you could have planned things a little differently to help the day run as smoothly as possible. If you go through the following three steps before you move house it should help to make the actual event as smooth and seamless as possible.

Sorting Out Storage And Packing The Essentials

Two things that often get overlooked completely is sorting out good storage and packing essentials in easy to reach locations. When it comes to moving day you don’t always want to move every single item on the same day. Depending on where you’re going it could be a good idea to use some self storage to store some of the larger items or items that you know you won’t be needing straight away. When it comes to thinking about the essentials that you will likely need on the first day or night of your move you should consider packing yourself a bag that’s much like an overnight bag. After a long day of lifting and directing a move, you’re not likely going to want to rummage through several boxes to find the essentials. It might be worthwhile packing a “priority” box that includes items such as a mug, kettle, and cutlery so you are able to eat and have your morning cup of coffee before the rest of the unpacking starts.

Use Correct Labelling

Yes, this is something that is really simple however it can be very easy to pack your belongings away and completely forget or not label the boxes correctly. Although this may seem like something that is really small and not overly important, it could have a massive impact on your move, especially on the other end when you’re trying to sort which rooms each box should be in. You should make the labelling of your boxes as a priority when moving including things such as room it is allocated to, an item of what it contains (fragile, heavy, etc.) and possibly even include instructions such as ‘unpack first’ so you know it contains important items.

Letting People Know

In the rush of moving it can be extremely easy to forget the importance of informing the relevant people that you are moving home. Yes, you’re probably focussed on the transition, packing and unpacking however forgetting to let people know is one of the most forgotten things about a move. You need to make sure you inform not only family and friends but important people such as your gas, electric and broadband suppliers. Make sure you update your address with places such as the bank, bills and your workplace, you don’t want anything coming back to surprise you in the future.

Have you moved recently? Do you have any tips that you could share, or was there anything you forgot to do that could have helped? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t forget these 3 things when moving home

  1. Big yes to the labelling! We suffered so much with our move when boxes were packed by well meaning relatives with no labels and no formal organisation process, it was so painful unpacking on the other end (especially as I stayed at home packing and then when I got to the new house it was just walls of unpacked boxes, eek! haha!)

    1. I heard the best story from our conveyancer who said she did a whole spreadsheet of box organisation and labelling only to realise after packing her husband completely ignored her system! So yes labelling is so important haha!

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