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Outfit: Shades of denim

A bit of double denim love for a sunny Sunday day.

I’ve posted about double denim outfits before (see here and here), so I’m one of those people who’s pretty comfortable with the Canadian tuxedo. The main way that I’m comfortable with it is by wearing different shades of denim.

While I do see street style outfits rocking the top and bottom of a double denim outfit in the same shade, I’m personally not a fan. I kind of like seeing a clear delineation. This could mean the denim top in a lighter shade of blue while the bottom is dark or vice versa. Or, like in today’s outfit, the bottom is a completely different colour of denim.

Speaking of different shades of denim, I love the two shades of blue in this Sportsgirl top I bought secondhand from Carousell. It makes the standard chambray top a little more interesting and is ideal for those who can’t do the double-denim-in-the-same-shade look.

Can I also talk about these Forever 21 jeans for a moment? They’re a high rise skinny ankle crop (not sure if they’re still available) and for a petite person like me they’re perfect. I hate buying expensive jeans because of the fact that I have to chop off about a third of the leg, but there was no need with these. They’ve also retained their shape and the black colour really well given how many times I’ve worn them (I think I’m pretty close to 30 wears now).

A little bit of arm candy today to dress up the all-denim outfit. The Alexander McQueen razor blade wrap bracelet was a Mother’s Day gift from Instagram Husband, which was also purchased from Carousell. I’m seriously thinking of asking for future gifts from second hand sources – there are so many unique finds!

Miss 4 of course wanted in on the photos too.

Outfit details: Sportsgirl denim shirt | Forever 21 ankle crop jeans | Topshop loafers | Mulberry Bayswater bag | Seed hex nut bracelet | Tag Heuer watch | Alexander McQueen razor blade bracelet

Mum and I went to Birkenhead Point outlet centre with the kidlets for a bit of window shopping.

Baby boy has already developed an indifferent attitude to going shopping – like father, like son.

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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Shades of denim

  1. This is how I do double denim too – completely different colours to make me more comfortable with it 🙂

    Have to say I love your Mulberry Bayswater too. I Have the Oak NVT leather one and I really don’t like it, I wish I’d got one like yours with the pebbled/spongy leather instead. It’s got more character IMHO.

    1. Thanks Mica! I really like the pebbled leather on the Bayswater too. Probably not the most practical of mum bags having to sling it over the shoulder but really good for work 🙂

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous. I love double denim but can only do the two different shades of denim look! As for the kids, they do drive me nuts but it’s a good thing they’re so cute. xx

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