Home Hack: Easy Ways to Keep the House Clean

As all busy families know, keeping the house clean is one of our daily challenges, especially when young children are around. Below are some ideas on how to make cleaning the house just that little bit easier.

Cleaning your home, especially if you have a rather large one, or have children with a more than one toy, is a tiring and time-consuming task. The only time I have to really give the house a good clean is on the weekend and I know I have better things to do than that! Simple changes in the house like the ones below mean that keeping the house clean is less of a chore and much easier to do.


Floors are the first thing in the home to get dirty, and if you have a toddler like mine who will eat stray food from the floor if he could, it’s a good idea to make sure these are always clean. Considering the amount of dirt that can get trekked through your home, the pet fur, and the food and drink spills, it makes sense to get flooring that is waterproof, as this is the easiest the clean and required only a broom and a mop. Hardwood flooring is great but is likely to be a little more pricey. You can find laminate and vinyl flooring at CarpetOne, both of which are perfect and cost-effective options.


If you have a particularly artistic child, they may decide to take their talent from the paper and to the walls of your living room. This thought would be horrifying to most parents, but if you’ve selected a high-quality paint, then you should be able to scrub the walls, without the fear of taking of any paint. Your pets can also put their print on your walls (literally)! Visit thespruce.com to compare some of the best house paints.


I can’t tell you how many times the kids have spilled water, juice and other liquids on our couch. Thank goodness we were mindful of this and had the couch scotchguarded! While pricey, leather will always be the easiest furniture material to clean, as it’s waterproof; bear in mind it could still stain if you go for a lighter shade. If you prefer, you can also find fabrics that have been treated to be stain repellant and waterproof.

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In addition to the couch, slipcovers are always a sensible idea for your furniture, as they can simply be thrown in the washing machine if they get dirty. Consider slipcovers for your couch and/or your dining room chairs, especially if like us you have fabric on the latter. You can also change the style and colour of slipcover to match your room, if you decide to redecorate, which, once again, will be a lot cheaper than buying new furniture.

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If like me you hate spending time cleaning the house, hopefully some of the tips above will help lessen the time doing that! What are your ideas for minimising the time to keep the house clean?

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