Fake vs Real: Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Some tips on what to look out for to determine if the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag you’re after is fake or real!

Before I continue, I want to strongly note that I am not a professional authenticator in any way. Please do not take this as professional advice when having a designer bag authenticated. What I’ve mentioned below are some easy identifiers to see if a designer bag is real or fake. For peace of mind and to ensure your designer bag is authenticated by the experts please see the list at the end of the post to contact a professional authenticator.

While scrolling through the various sources of second hand items I regularly haunt, I saw an Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag advertised for a song. I’ve always loved the edgy look of Alexander Wang’s bags and thought for the price point, this bag was an excellent addition to my (very small) designer bag collection.

Upon closer inspection however, there were some warning signs that this wasn’t the real deal (and it wasn’t disclosed as such by the seller). As I’ve had some great feedback on my previous post on fake designer clothing I wanted to share my thoughts on this particular bag with you here!


The biggest deal breaker was the branding on the inside of the bag. All Alexander Wang bags have the bold embossing (see below for an example) – older bags may have a slightly different font. Typically for the Diego bucket bags the colour of the leather for the branding on the inside of the bag is the same as the leather on the outside.

The fake bag I saw had very poor Alexander Wang branding – it was in a sans serif font (almost like Arial) and not in bold; “Alexander Wang” was printed in gold and not embossed.

Other things I noted when inspecting the bag were:


Looking closely at the buckles on the straps of the fake bag, the frame looked quite angular, and the loops were also metal – typical of the earlier versions of the bag. However, real AW bags also had the Alexander Wang branding on the underside of the buckle. Always ask for photos of this – the seller of the fake bag didn’t provide photos of the underside.

Newer versions of the bag have a more rectangular buckle, with a little thing at the top of the buckle frame (what do you call that?). The loops are also leather. Here are 3 examples of the buckles on real Diego bags. Note these are the newer versions as I couldn’t find examples of the earlier ones.


Related to the hardware above is the stud detail of the bag, it’s worth looking at the studs in more detail. What are they made of, how are they placed, etc? The studding on the fake bag looked legit, so it’s easy to overlook this detail. You can see just from the 3 examples above that the studs are different on the bags, so definitely do your research here.

Made In China

Authentic Alexander Wang Diego bags have a small “Made in China” label on the inside of the bag. It’s usually black, and has a PO# number. If it’s not in the advertisement, ask for it. The fake bag I saw advertised didn’t have this included in the post.


Finally, the price of the fake bag was really just too good to be true. The fake bag advertised was in the double digits, which is really cheap for a Diego bag (and why it caught my eye). Authentic second hand Diego bags in good condition usually go for AUD$200 plus; the last Diego bag I’ve seen priced with double digits was in really shabby condition – the leather was really worn, the straps were broken and would need some serious restoration.

As I mentioned above, I am not a professional authenticator and would never advertise myself as such – I’m just providing some easy tricks to spot a fake. To have a bag professionally authenticated, please contact the following authenticators who can provide you with an official certificate of authenticity:

Please note that if you do notice that a second hand bag you purchased was fake, only the report from a professional authenticator such as the ones above can help you get your money back if you purchased the item using PayPal.

I hope this helps if you’re on the lookout for a second hand Alexander Wang Diego bucket bag! As I always say about buying second hand high end items, if in doubt – back out!

Header image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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2 thoughts on “Fake vs Real: Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

  1. These are good tips! I have always liked the look of this bag but I had a mimco bucket bag I eventually got rid of because I didn’t enjoy the shape much. This is bigger so would prevent the things falling out issue, but I also know from when I had my Rocco that the bags are heavy with the studs and leather – so I’ve never taken the plunge yet!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    1. I suspect the weight of the bag will be the killer for me too – I always carry a fair bit anyway so if the bag alone is heavy I can imagine the workout it would be to carry it. I’m still on the look out for (authentic!) second hand Diegos… but will try to make sure I don’t carry the kitchen sink in it like I usually do haha!

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