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Pregnancy Style: Florals, Non-Maternity Wear, and Changing Style in Pregnancy

Sharing my non-maternity wear dress of florals and why I feel my style is changing during this pregnancy.

At 18 weeks pregnant I’m at a point where most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit anymore. I recently bought a belly belt to try and get back into my favourite jeans, which is working, but some are getting a leeeeetle tight around my hips. My intentionally oversized blouses that seemed lovely pre-pregnancy just make me feel frumpy and shapeless now, and I look longingly at my old clothes and wonder when I’ll be able to wear them again (because as we know, the body doesn’t bounce back straight away post-partum).

However, I’m also trying to avoid buying maternity clothes for this pregnancy – I’d thrown out the ones I wore for my previous two pregnancies, and as I’m 100% sure this is the last time I’ll be pregnant I didn’t want to buy what I wouldn’t need in a few months.

When I told some of my close friends I was pregnant early on, one of them was kind enough to give me some of her old clothes she wore while she was pregnant. I had been waiting until I got to the very point I’m at now to bust them out.

One of the dresses she gave me was this lovely Jeanswest one. It’s actually not a maternity dress, but an empire waist one so that the elastic sits above the belly and below is loose enough to accommodate the growing bump.

I’m loving the floral print, and it’s interesting because lately I’ve been really into floral and girly prints, girly ruffly details… don’t get me wrong, I will still keep looking at stripes and ripped jeans, but I’ve been wanting to add more feminine touches to my usual tomboyish attire. I look at my pre-pregnancy wardrobe and want to add flowers and embroidery and ruffles. And skirts.

Could it be that I’m carrying a girl that’s causing this sudden attraction to feminine details? Or could I be having a boy so that my consciousness is then turning towards my more feminine side?

Unfortunately this will be the one and only time you’ll see this dress on the blog and on Insta. My friend must have been much smaller than me during her pregnancy, as I had a hard time getting the elastic over my boobs. I wore it today as it just fit, but I don’t think I could wear it beyond this.

A nod to my pre-pregnancy style is my Acne Jensen boots… yes, it’s getting warm, but given how much they cost me I would probably wear them through summer if practical.

The Whistles backpack (bought second hand from eBay) was my little treat to myself after my no-spend ban in October… ironically enough, it cost more than what I saved in the $5 challenge, but I had been after the Verity backpack for ages and when this popped up I had to have it.

Outfit details:


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8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Florals, Non-Maternity Wear, and Changing Style in Pregnancy

  1. Oh that’s such a beautiful dress! It’s a shame you won’t be able to wear it again but great of your friend to let you borrow it! The boob region always competed with the belly for most sudden growth so I get finding things hard to squeeze into sometimes!

    I gave my friend all my old maternity clothes and now she’s gone and moved out to the sticks and I keep wishing I’d kept the white maternity tank. Sure it was maternity, but it wasn’t see through and maybe I could have still made it work! Rest of it I was glad to see go, got pretty sick of it near the end! Still wear and love the empire waist dresses I had before and during pregnancy, it’s a very underrated bump friendly style I find!

    1. Mica I’m so disappointed I won’t be able to wear this dress after this post because I really do love the print and colour. And as I’ll be BFing separates will be my go to for at least 12 months! Perhaps I can keep it for afterwards – the beauty of non-maternity wear right? I did keep a couple of maternity singlets – like your white one they weren’t see through and were made of a really sturdy fabric and have held up well with countless washes.

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I’m loving floral print lately, must be the pregnancy hormones haha. I’m grateful I had a friend who had a good sense of style and some awesome clothes she could pass on to me for this pregnancy! xx

    1. Thanks Ruth! The belly belt is doing wonders – I’m loving being able to wear some of my favourite jeans again! Although I think it won’t be long until it gets a bit harder getting them past my hips 🙁

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