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Frugal Fashion February

Another month, another style challenge. Well, this time it’s more of a fiscal challenge.

I’m dubbing this month Frugal Fashion February. Basically, just like #NoSpendber, I won’t be buying new clothes, shoes, bags or accessories this month. My reasons this time however are different to last year’s:

  1. The nature of my work means that if I’m not in front of a classroom, then I don’t get paid. For the month of February and most of March there’s no work for me, so therefore I have no income.
  2. Possibly because I knew of my no-income period, I spent up big time in the post-Christmas sales, stocking up on some awesome second hand items from Facebook, as well as bargains from the opshops for refashioning. I’m pretty happy with all my purchases and don’t really see a need to be buying anything for the next few weeks (well, I do need a black skirt, but no big deal at the moment).
  3. Instagram Husband and I are looking to do some upgrades around the house, which of course entails money. So sadly I’ll be trying to minimise the amount of fashion spending (but perhaps not so sadly after the upgrades are done, the house will look so much better!).

Unlike #NoSpendber where I pretty much just woke up in the morning and looked in my wardrobe for a outfit, I’m being a bit more organised this time around and have created a Pinterest board of outfits to provide inspiration and a bit of a plan for my no-spend period.

What you’ll notice about the majority of the outfits is that they’re neutral, pretty casual and kid-friendly. As I won’t be dressing up for work, comfort and ease of movement are key, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to be stylish in the process!

I chose the pins based on the fact that I had most if not all of the items in the outfits, and if not I could modify them with an existing item of my own. With an idea of the kind of outfits I can create for this month I think I’ll be much more organised with my no-spending challenge this time around compared to the #NoSpendber period.

So for the first outfit of #FrugalFashionFebruary, here is the original pin:

And here is my take on the pinned outfit:

Wearing: Organic by John Patrick V-neck shirt (bought from My Chameleon warehouse sale); Bassike jeans (via eBay); vintage Coach bag (hand me down); Sportsgirl sandals (bought new last year).

No boho blouse for me but I have plenty of white shirts to choose from, and absolutely love this Organic by John Patrick basic – really well-fitting and is easy care. I don’t have a tan crossbody so went with this Coach bag given to me by my aunt for its tan detail. Also, these Sportsgirl sandals again; I make no apologies for wearing them in almost every post. I actually do have a Samantha Wills turquoise bracelet set to match the accessories of the original pin but only thought of it afterwards.

Shop my outfit with similar items below:

I’ll post my outfits on Instagram and will be posting a roundup every week, comparing the original pin to my interpretation of the outfits! I’ll also post a couple of refashions which I’m really excited about so be sure to follow me on Instagram (@5.foot.style), Facebook and Bloglovin’ to see how I went with my pinspired outfits and refashions 🙂

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