22 Zebra Gifts To Give The Zebra Lover In Your Life

Gifts for zebra lovers

Looking for the best zebra gifts? The Zebra, African native animal is so special and there are many to whom the zebra is a favorite animal. We have so many gift ideas for zebra lovers and it was very difficult to set aside only 22 best zebra gift ideas. Here are the most beautiful zebra gifts that will delight anyone, not just zebra lovers.

Art Deco Zebra Bracelet

When you want to keep your outfit as simple as possible the best idea is to use eye-catching accessory, a jewelry piece, for example. This item will be the perfect to attract attention with. This jewelry is inspired from animal, which is the most popular subject in the jewelry world nowadays. We can find the animal jewelry accessories on celebrities easily. Made of crystals. Wearing this kind of jewelry will make you more eye-catching. Come with some spare crystals, a gift box and a favor bag.

Zebra Hugging Mug

This gorgeous Hugging Zebra Print Coffee Mug, Tan and Black has the finest details and highest quality. The perfect accessory to brighten up your home.

Rushford Slipper Chair

This Fabric Slipper Chair features contemporary style, padded back and seat cushion with zebra fabric pattern complemented by espresso finish tapered wood legs. Create elegant and sleek contemporary style that is perfectly suited for any living room environment.

Unite artwork

Zebras truly show their stripes when they work as a team, the dazzle uniting to thwart predators through a dizzying display of comradery. A reminder to band together to take on challenges, this artwork by Sarah Janece Garcia comes from a moving suite of paintings inspired by endangered species.

The collection captures the splendid faces of threatened species from around the globe. These amazing animals rely on humans to speak up for them, honor their importance, and protect their future.

Zebra Mug with Lid and Spoon

Creative mug shape and nice curves. Unique zebra pattern printed on the both sides, comes with a stainless steel spoon and lid! Perfect for animal mug collection. This Zebra Mug is well made and has a smooth surface and elegant style. It is one of the best gifts for friends or family members who love zebras.

Rainbow Zebra Necklace

Each tiny animal figurine is a sculptural work of art made from fine porcelain and completely finished in hand painted detail. Start a collection or add to your current collection. Perfect gift for yourself or the animal lover in your life!

Deep V Neck Batwing Sleeve High Waist Flowy Tops Tunic

The length of the shirt is perfect for leggings! It covers your bum. and the bright solid color is trendy and looks beautiful and bright. This gives the shirt a very unique and stunning look. Fashion and classical style. Suitable for casual, brief, active occasions. Wear with leggings and a denim jacket for an ultra chic look. Dress it up with black slacks. Wear it as layering top in cooler seasons. Rock it as a beach coverup, or maternity wear for pre, during, and post pregnancy

Handmade Wood Zebra Eyeglasses Holder

This hand carved wooden eyeglass holder stand with cute vivid 3D zebra shape, suitable as a gift & collection for your zebra lover. A completely new solution for keeping your eyeglasses & sunglasses organized and protected from scratching or losing. The wooden holder stand is not only a storage for eyeglass & sunglass, but also a novelty decoration for living room, bed room or office.

Ebenezer Zebra Planter

This is a zebra gift that both children and adults will love. Ebenezer, our sassy Zebra, is just sittin’ pretty, minding his own business. He would absolutely love some plants that compliment his stripes, so try to stay away from clashing patterns. This rustic planter sculpture is equally at home in the garden or as indoor decor.

Lounge Chair

Fashionable footwear with a twist of wild style, this eye-catching lounge chair is sure to be the star of your bedroom or play area. Its manufactured wood frame takes on the shape of a high-heeled shoe, while foam padding adds comfort and polyester blend upholstery showcases a zebra print accented by a pop of pink. It offers a lift top for keeping folded blankets or toys inside.

Zena the Zebra

100% Handmade by Artisan moms, Zena the Zebra will become your mini’s new favorite active buddy. Standing at 13 inches tall, Zena’s favorite color is pink and she loves sports! Incredibly soft and huggable, she is made from GOTS certified organic cotton yarn without any harmful and detachable parts and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill.

Zebra Brooch Pin with Crystal Accents

Each high quality crystal is hand faceted and checked for clarity and brilliance. Hand crafted using the highest quality shiny polished silver tone metal alloy. This fine piece of art jewelry makes for the perfect gift for that someone special. Pin brooches can be adorned to any garment or accessories, along with a plethora of ways to use them.

Hand Carved Wooden Set 2 African Mother Baby Zebra Statue

Great piece of art for African zebra decor. If you are looking for the most beautiful pieces of home decor for someone who loves zebras, this handmade statue of mother and baby zebra is a great choice.

Diy Zebra Crafts

Make Your Own Zebra. It is not so difficult for you and your little ones to make a zebra and maybe even her friend a giraffe. Have fun making and creating.

Zebra Whistling Tea Kettle

A unique example of how to add a little zebra decor to your kitchen. This teapot is the perfect solution for beautiful yet a practical gift for zebra lovers.

Zebra Foal

These sleek, striped equids live in the savannah grasslands of eastern and southern Africa where they spend most of the day grazing on grass, leaves, bark, roots and stems. Each zebra's pattern of stripes is unique. The plains, or common, zebra sport wide stripes on their bodies -- that continue to the undersides -- along with thinner 'shadow' stripes on their hind quarters. Their excellent hearing and vision help them escape predators. Zebras tend to be pretty skittish -- who can blame them with all the lions and hyenas around -- and really noisy. Their whinnies, yelps and barks are their way of communicating with each other. They never wander too far from a source of water and can live about thirty years in the wild.

Black and White Zebra Dress

Your little lady will look absolutely adorable in this black and white Zebra costume. It includes the tail and matching headband with ears. Perfect for a Halloween party, birthday, trick or treating, photo shoot, holiday event or just playing dress up!

The dress is made with a black and white striped bodice and has layers of black and white tulle that makes up the skirt. It is embellished with black satin ribbon straps, a white bow, detachable flower clip and a braided yarn tail.

Water Globe

Zebra Mom with Baby Water Globe from The San Francisco Music Box Company. Cute Baby Zebra Standing with her mother. Great gift idea for a zebra lover. Music Globe stands 6 inches tall. 100mm water globe that plays the tune Talk to the Animals

Zebra Handmade Coffee Mug

The fun and funky Zebra. Most famous for its stripes which are in fact uniquely different on each zebra, much like our fingerprints. This design is depicted wonderfully on ceramic. Each Coffee Mug is individually handmade and displays striking detail. The mug is unique and patiently hand painted by a talented artist with precision to emphasize the character design; it takes nearly 2 weeks to complete the entire process. Every mug is dishwasher safe and microwave friendly ensuring the color will never fade. Carefully protected in a gift box which includes a certificate signed by the artist. What a perfect Zebra gift idea!

3 Pieces A zebra abstract Watercolor painting Canvas Wall Art

High definition picture photo prints on canvas with vivid color on thick high quality canvas to create the look and feel of the original nature and masterpiece. The canvas print is already perfectly stretched on wooden frame with hooks mounted on each panel for easy hanging out of box. The side margins are also printed to create a particularly decorative effect. Canvas Wall Art and Canvas paintings are the modern way to brighten the walls of your home, and relax you after work. It is sure to captivate wherever it is hung.

Zebra Tropic Animal Cushion Cover

Zebra Tropic Animal pillow covers were made from the Satin material,this high quality Throw Pillow Cover is made to make your living rooms,bedrooms,soft,home office,dining room colorful and funny. These unique designs are perfect for entertaining or casual Room. Pillow case to match with any living rooms and for any occasion. Either a gift to your family or friend, relative or boyfriend girlfriend, or to yourself, the item should be interesting and authentic.

Zebra Bookends

Pair of zebra bookends 9 inch tall made with fine polyresin. Each bookend is approx 4inch wide 6 inch long and 9 inch tall. Crafted from durable composite material for long lasting beauty. Wild accent suits almost any decor from formal to casual.

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