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Outfit: Repeating Outfits and Green Washing

Repeating outfits, green washing and alternatives for donating clothes.

I’ve worn this outfit of charcoal grey cardigan, white tee and ripped skinnies in this post. There’s nothing wrong with repeating outfits – a tried and true formula is perfect for days when you don’t have time to get ready in the morning.

Changing up elements like the shoes and accessories is just a simple way to make a repeated outfit fresh again. Last time I wore my beloved Topshop loafers without any accessories; this time I added a couple of layered necklaces and my Golden Gooses for a park-friendly version of the previous outfit. Even just putting my hair up makes a change.

The one main difference (with the exception of shoes and accessories) from the last time I posted about this outfit to now is where the cardigan came from. In my last post the cardigan was a now-confirmed case of a fake Acne cardigan, whereas the one in this post is from H&M.

I mentioned in my previous post that my skin seemed to be sensitive to wool. Whenever I wore the fake Acne cardigan, I found my skin feeling ever so irritated afterwards. Could it have been a psychosomatic effect of knowing it was fake Acne (lol)?

I knew H&M had dupes of the same cardigan and while I could have tried to track down a second hand one, I just didn’t have the time nor the energy. I went to H&M after work one day and picked up this cardigan for $39.99. It’s so much softer and more comfortable (on the skin) to wear than the fake Acne cardigan, or could this be again a psychosomatic reaction? Who knows. I’ve actually worn this cardigan 5 times since I bought the cardigan last week as I try to apply the 30 wears rule.

Anyway, I was wearing the fake cardigan the day I bought the H&M one so decided to simply donate the fake one at the store at the same time as purchasing the new one.

On the commute home I wondered about this effort on H&M’s part to recycle clothes. While their attempt to reuse the donated clothing is great, I’m not immune to this as being an example of green washing as H&M give you a 15% voucher to then buy more stuff from them.

However, their donation bins could be an alternative to giving unwanted clothes to opshops. Opshops/charity stores get a lot of clothing donations and often many of them aren’t of a good quality to re-sell. I think a lot of people see the charity bins as a means of getting rid of their crappy clothes without putting it in their own bin. But it costs charity stores a lot of money to get rid of unsellable clothes – money that could otherwise be spent on charitable works.

So even though H&M’s efforts to recycle clothes could be considered as “green washing” perhaps it could be thought of as a way for people to donate clothes of lesser quality – after all, H&M have the money to be able to do something with the clothes, compared to your local opshop. Then we can donate the clothes that are of better quality and brands to the opshops so that they can raise money for their work without having to deal with the crappy donations?

  • Cardigan: H&M
  • Tee: Organic by John Patrick (via MyChameleon) – old
  • Jeans: Blank NYC – old
  • Shoes: Golden Goose Superstars
  • Necklaces: Marc by Marc Jacobs (pretzel) and Maison Scotch (arrow) – both old

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3 thoughts on “Outfit: Repeating Outfits and Green Washing

  1. I like your layered necklaces! 🙂 I’ve never thought about greenwashing that way, but it’s true that it’s not an entirely environmentally friendly act if they are encouraging you to then buy more. But I guess you don’t have to take the offer and it does give other benefits like you mentioned 🙂

    1. Thanks Mica! It’s a risk wearing these necklaces with a curious 2 year old but I still take it 🙂 I just saw something about where and how clothes get recycled and the conditions of the workers doing the recycling. It’s not pretty I have to say. Sometimes there’s just no other but to buy less and buy well xx

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