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Home Inspiration: School Bag Stations

Some ideas on how to organise the kids’ gear for school (and help make mornings easier)!

Weekday mornings are a blur of waking up, getting breakfast on the table, getting ready for the day, packing the bag and getting out the door on time… and that’s just me, haha. Add to the mix two kids (one in pre-school, the other Year 1) AND a nearly walking almost 1 year old and it’s chaos!

The key to making these mornings less stressful and chaotic is being organised, and that includes the kids’ stuff. Having ONE place for everything the kids need for school means no looking around for lost hats, missing shoes, hairclips, etc. Being in temporary accommodation at the moment, I have a little “school bag station” where the kids get their bag and then return their bag at the end of the day. They have a cube box (one of those Ikea ones) each to put their school bags and library bags, and a smaller box each to put random things such as hairties and brushes for the 5 year old girl. Everything they’ll need for school is at this station so it’s just a matter of putting lunch in the bag and putting shoes on and out the door we go.

Once we move into our own house we’ll have a little more space to put in a more comprehensive school bag station. I’ve been trawling Pinterest for some ideas, and here are some of my favourite ways to organise school bag stations n the home.

Cube Shelves / Ikea Kallax Shelves

I think this is my most favourite way to create a school bag station, because it’s not a permanent solution (ie can be changed at any time), the shelves are easy to get a hold of, and they can be repurposed afterwards. It’s basically a hack of the Ikea Kallax shelves or similar, simply by omitting one of the shelf levels so you have a longer space to hang bags. It looks really neat and tidy, and keeps things off the floor (theoretically).

Hooks on the wall

This one is more of a permanent solution to the cube storage shelf option, but probably takes up less space. Again, it’s a great one for keeping stuff off the floor – and you could add a little bench with a shoe rack below the bags so the kids have somewhere to sit to put their shoes on, and stow them away when they get home.


Having lockers gives the kids a feeling that’s just like school, where they have their own designated space to store their bags and other school related items. Personally I feel they take up a bit too much space, but if you do have the space for them then it’s a great way to actually keep the school gear out of sight. I also like how you can put the kids’ daily activities and/or chores list on the doors so they know what they need to do each day.


Another way to keep things out of sight is by busing boxes. The above ideas or hacks again, for example the first one by using Kmart laundry baskets for school storage, the second Ikea Stuva blanket boxes. I do find them to be a little deep for what my kids need though, and lifting the lid is sometimes just too much effort for them at the end of the day, haha!

Custom Built Storage

Of course, if we had the budget a custom built storage solution would be ideal, so that it would fit the space nicely. The key elements of a school bag station are enough space to hang bags and coats; and some shelving (3 maximum) and/or drawers to keep things organised. Consider how you could use these once the kids have finished school though so that the storage solution has longevity beyond organising school bags.

Do you have a school bag station? How do you organise the kids’ school gear so that it’s neat and easy to access?

All images in post from Pinterest.

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4 thoughts on “Home Inspiration: School Bag Stations

  1. I thought for a minute you’d got those Ikea cube shelves you mentioned on Insta, haha! 🙂

    I definitely want to get some storage space for bags when we get a bigger place – the bags are kind of thrown on the show rack in the garage as there’s no-where else for them, the cube storage will definitely be something I look into! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    1. Just researching them at the moment – haven’t moved in yet so hubby hasn’t allowed me to buy them haha! Yeah I like the cube shelf solution, I hated having the school bags on the floor just cluttering up the entryway so this would hopefully make it a little tidier!

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