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How To Create A Family-Friendly Garden

Making sure that the garden is a kid-friendly space is a huge priority for parents, especially during the summertime. Here are some ideas to get you started.

No one wants their children stuck inside on computers during the best months of the year. If you’re lucky to have the space for one, a garden is synonymous with adventure and exploring. It’s the perfect place for your kids to burn off a little energy, get to know nature, and satisfy their curiosity. However, as wonderful as they can be, gardens are often also dangerous places, particularly to little ones. To create a garden that your whole family can enjoy, here are ten things that you should do.

Put The Tools Away

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Children tend to copy their parents – if your little ones see you mowing the lawn or digging, they will probably want to do it too. The problem with this is that such large and sharp tools can be quite dangerous in small hands. Even if your kids know not to touch these tools, they could fall onto them, which would hurt too. The easiest way to prevent this is to put the tools away. The safest options is storage that you can lock, like a shed or tool store.

Opt For Artificial Grass

When you have kids running around outside all year long, artificial grass is a great option for your garden. Known for being tough and durable, this grass won’t be ruined by your little ones playing football or riding their bikes. You also won’t have grass stains or muddy footprints to put up with, making cleaning much easier. While artificial grass is already a fairly soft landing, you can install a safety surface underneath to cushion the landing further.

Watch What You Plant

Image by Phichit Wongsunthi from Pixabay

Having artificial grass outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have other greenery. However, you do need to make sure that the flowers you plant are suitable for children. There are many different plants, which, despite being relatively common, are incredibly toxic, causing harm to your little ones when ingested. These include flowers like lilies and daffodils. It’s best to steer clear of plants like this completely, but, if you don’t want to, then make sure that they’re out of reach.

Fence Off The Space

Enjoying your garden is going to be very difficult if you have to watch your kids at all times. Investing in a good fence is essential – to make sure it’s safe and you meet local government regulations you can hire a contractor to install your fencing. Not only is this vital for stopping unwanted trespassers, but it also keeps your little ones from wandering off. If you already have fencing around your property, make sure that you check every panel for damage now and then. You must also keep all garden gates locked and avoid storing any keys for them outside.

Steer Clear Of Water

Water features, like fountains and ponds, can totally transform a garden when taken care of properly. Unfortunately, though they are beautiful, these additions do pose a huge risk to your kids. It’s for this reason that most parents avoid water features altogether, but if you really want to install something in your garden fences, grids, and gates can all keep your kids from getting into the water, eliminating any risk.

Provide Places To Play

Most kids have places in the house where they know they’re allowed to play. These tend to include their bedrooms and playrooms. Some have a specific corner in the living room and kitchen too. These places exist to contain the mess your little ones make to one area. With that in mind, you should provide places in the garden for your kids to play too. Instead of allowing them free roam of the whole space, provide climbing frames, playhouses, and sand pits instead.

Make An Adults Area

Just like your kids deserve places in the garden just for them, you do too. For this reason, try to create an area outside reserved for you and other adults alone. A summer house is a perfect idea, as it offers privacy, as well as shade and shelter. You can also situate it so that it looks over the entire garden. This allows you to keep an eye on your kids, even when doing your own thing. If a summer house isn’t an option, you could create an area on the patio or decking.

Plan For The Future

Your outdoor space won’t need to be full of toys and play equipment forever. Over the years, your kids will grow, which means that their interests will change. It’s important that you have a garden that can accommodate this. A space you use for a sandpit, for example, could be used for a fire pit or pond in just a few years. The playhouse your kids spend hours in now can become a studio or potting shed too. You can also dismantle may things, like swings and climbing frames.

Don’t Aim For Perfection

Your garden is never going to look like the cover of a glossy magazine. Although you may have big plans for the space, it isn’t going to turn out exactly as you pictured. After all, the gardens you see online and in magazines often aren’t lived in. They don’t have kids and pets running around and making a mess, so they can look perfect. The best kind of garden is one that you and your family feel safe and comfortable in, regardless of how it looks.

These are just some easy ideas for a family-friendly garden! Hopefully it gives you a start to creating the garden that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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