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How to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Home

Some ideas on how to maintain an eco-friendly home for you and the family!

Global warming warning, pollution and other environmental threats have convinced many households to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you think about it, our kids and their kids that will have to deal with the mess when they’re older.

However, it is surprising that the planet hasn’t gone greener by now, given how easy it can be to change some aspects of our lifestyles to make our households and the way we live more environmentally friendly and mindful of the world we live in. Truth be told, these steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle can be hard to maintain, especially if you have busy lives and families. It takes a lot of effort to stick to new patterns and ways of living! Consequently, building a green home doesn’t happen overnight. Unless you ensure that you do everything you can to maintain your environmentally-friendly habits, it’s understandable that you might, inadvertently, go back to your old routine.

Get the basics right first…

Of course, making your home green starts with identifying what needs to be done, and more importantly, what is in your power. For a lot of people, the idea of changing windows and doors might be appealing to save on their energy consumption, but it’s a significant investment, for instance. Consequently, they might choose budget-friendlier options first, such as improving their insulation system – insulating your attic can be an affordable DIY project over the weekend – and swapping out traditional light bulbs for LED bulbs. As a rule of the thumb, extensive projects such as solar panel installation and new windows often appear as the ultimate goal of your green strategy. However, once they’re done, many people make the mistake of relaxing their attention and letting go of their green resolutions.

… but you need to maintain your efforts in the long-term

In reality, the most crucial step in building a green home is what happens just after you’ve made major improvement projects. The maintenance phase is vital to your eco-friendly household. If you don’t look after your installations, you’re likely to waste money and energy on those. Imagine trying to generate your own electricity without sorting out regular solar panel cleaning services first. As the panels are exposed, any stain or dirt accumulation could affect their performance. Similarly, the same argument also applies to your windows. Without regular maintenance, a layer of dirt and grime can build up on the outside and reduce the light indoors, and therefore increasing your energy costs to compensate.

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Eco-friendliness is all about your attitude too

Eco-friendly installations are pointless if you continue to embrace a less mindful lifestyle in your everyday life. Something as simple as choosing the right food can go a long way. For example, next time you go shopping, pick organic and sustainable products that don’t put the health of the planet at risk. Additionally, growing your own or buying local products that travel on average about 45 miles – instead of choosing foreign grown products – reduces the impact of transportation on the environment. At the end of the day, if you continue to buy processed food and delicious tropical items, you might be cancelling the eco-friendly efforts of your household.

The bottom line is that eco-friendly behaviours are not yet a normal part of many people’s everyday lives. Small steps can help change habits over time, but even major changes like the ones discussed above need constant maintenance too to continue being environmentally friendly. What do you do to maintain an eco-friendly home?

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