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How to Maximise Space in Your Kitchen

Short of space in the most important room of your home? Below are some ideas to maximise what space you have!

The kitchen is often one of the first places in the house to become cluttered. This can often result in countertop space being used to stack items, which can then mean less space to prepare food, making cooking stressful. If you’re finding your kitchen is running out of room, here are a few ways in which you can make better use of the space.

Consider renovating

It’s possible that your kitchen may need redesigning. If you have the budget, by moving around cabinets and potentially even opening up your kitchen into another room, you could give yourself more space. There are companies that you can call upon to help you with kitchen renovations if you’re not sure of the most practical layout. This could also be a chance to make your kitchen more stylish and add value to your home.


It’s possible that you may have items in your kitchen cupboards that you really don’t need. Many of us have too many coffee mugs for example – getting rid of a few mugs frees up much needed space. You may even own appliances that you never use that could be sold to make room for more space. Be wary that certain clutter may be relocated if you think you are going to use it again but not regularly – for example, crystal ware that you may only take out for special occasions could be put in a cupboard elsewhere, the attic or in a cabinet in another room.

Use empty walls for hanging items

If you have any empty walls in your kitchen, consider dedicating these to storage. You may be able to hang pots and pans from hooks or you may be able to fit a magnetic strip for hanging knives. You could even fit shelves or racks for placing plates or cups. Not all empty walls may be practical (for instance, you should probably leave the wall above an oven alone), however you may have other small section above countertop or in the corner of the room that could be converted into storage space.


Use the inside of cabinet doors

The inside of your kitchen cabinets could also be transformed into a place for storing extra belongings. For instance, you could add small racks for placing cutlery in or you could hang spatulas and wooden spoons from hooks. Make sure that the contents inside these cupboards isn’t going to obstruct anything you place on the inside of the door.


Opt for multi-purpose appliances

There may be appliances in your home that you can combine to save space. Rather than having a separate refrigerator and freezer, consider whether you’d be better off opting for a fridge-freezer. Similarly, you could opt for a washer-dryer rather than a separate washing machine and tumble dryer. As for smaller appliances that could be taking up countertop space, consider looking into multi-purpose options. There are multi-cookers on the market that can do everything from cooking toast to boiling rice that could be perfect for maximising space in a small kitchen.

Do you have limited kitchen space? How do you maximise space in the kitchen?

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