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Life With Kids: Ideas For An Adventurous Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a kids’ birthday party? Here are some fun ideas to put together an adventurous birthday party for your little (or big) one!

I’m currently in the throes of planning a birthday party for my firstborn, and while it’s not going to be a huge bash (being 8 months pregnant makes it a bit hard to do anything too exciting!) there are still lots of things to consider. When planning your kid’s birthday party there are so many things to think about – the most important thing being the enjoyment of your child. An exciting birthday party doesn’t have to cost the earth, but nor does it have to fall into the tropes of renting out the town hall, going to soft play centres or hordes of screaming kids in your house hyped up on sugar. A birthday party can be a great way to try something new that your child will love, and that their friends will love too.

The Water Park

Why not take everyone to a water park? There are so many to choose from that cater for kids of different ages. There are of course paid options, but there are also lots of free water play parks too. If you’re planning on taking a group of young kids swimming, you will probably need to rope in the supervisory help of some extra parents for the day. Many water parks offer a birthday package which includes lunch.

via City of Geelong

Adventure Park

For a fun day that combines both physical activity and the great outdoors, adventure parks are an option. Typically suited to older kids, they’re great to visit as a family activity or have a party at. In the UK and US, Go Ape! is a series of rope bridges and zip lines, at different levels for different ages, which offers a great challenge and huge fun for everyone. Treetops in Australia has similar activities, and is a fun day out (and a great way to use up all that boundless energy).

via Treetops

The Zoo

The zoo is a great trip for everyone of any age. As a young child it’s an amazing adventure seeing animals from all over the world – and as you grow up, it’s still all of that. If you want to make the day even more special then why not look into booking a zoo keeper experience day for your child as party if their birthday present?

via Melbourne Zoo

Ice skating

Ice skating can be so much fun, and most of the fun is because people fall over a lot. Your young kids will be given a standing sled to hold on to, where you just have to fend for yourself. Like the water park, this is one party idea you might want to loop other parents into to help manage all the children.

via Xtreme Ice Arena

Present hunt

A fun and easy activity you can do as part of a birthday party would be a treasure hunt. You can buy kids toys on and hide them around the house, garden or whichever venue you have chosen. Give the children a treasure map or leave clues around the place and watch everyone work together to hunt down the present treasure.

Picnic in the park

Rather than having everyone come round to your house or having to rent out a venue, why not go for a picnic in the park? You can take games and sports equipment to play with, maybe plan to go somewhere with a play park so that the kids can tire themselves out there before settling down for some food. This is a popular option for many parents though, so unless you can book tables through your local council area it’s worth getting down to the park early and snagging the best tables!

Hopefully these will give you some ideas on planning an adventurous and fun birthday party for your kids!

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