Inspiration: Pink Midi Skirt

It seems a little specific doesn’t it, to talk about a pink midi skirt? However, I have good reasons for it, and I’m open to ideas and suggestions from you too!

On my recent thrifting trip to Rozelle Markets I picked up a beautiful pink midi skirt by Australian designer label Viktoria and Woods. The skirt can be seen on Australian model Jessica Gomes below.


Note the retail price of the skirt above. I was able to get it at the market as part of a 3 for $10 deal, so it basically cost me $3.33. Admittedly this skirt was from the label’s 2014 collection but I still think it was a pretty good deal.

My conundrum is that I don’t really do girly, or pink. I may occasionally have the odd pink print on an otherwise neutral coloured shirt, but I certainly don’t do this much pink. Also, when looking for outfit inspiration images for a pink midi skirt, the vast majority of them were very girly, with towering high heels, insanely wavy hair and florals.

That just isn’t me.

The other challenge is that I don’t want to have to invest in more clothing just to make the skirt work – I want to be able to wear it back with existing items in my wardrobe. I don’t like the idea of having item-specific pieces of clothing, in that it can be only worn with just one or two other items.

I’m still willing to give this skirt a go however, and have chosen the following inspiration images for a particular element of the outfit that I would try – perhaps not the whole thing.

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-3via closet full of clothes

White and pink are a perfect match, so I think any of my white tees and blouses are a pretty safe start to try this skirt out. While I like the creepers on this lovely lass, I’m not a huge fan – the combination of midi skirt + thick soles on my petite frame just don’t work, even if the platform does give me much-needed height. A pair of tan or nude block heels or sandals would work nicely as an alternative.

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-4via fashion inspo

Now, are these black trainers I spy? An outfit after my own heart! However, I think the blockiness of the black sneakers paired with the length of the skirt would really truncate me further. What I do like however is the black and white vertical stripes of the blouse, and the off white topper. I’d probably go with a pair of pointy flats with a high vamp to help visually elongate the leg.

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-5via glam radar

Now, I think I could actually pull this entire look off. Grey knit? Tick. Pink skirt? Tick. Nude sandals? Tick. I’d even consider wearing my grey lace up booties instead of the sandals in this outfit. Oh how I love grey.

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-6via Pinterest

Can the chambray/denim shirt do no wrong? It pairs so effortlessly with pretty much everything, and I love how it gives the girl pink midi skirt a bit of an edge in this outfit. As I don’t really do stilettos I’d try this look out with the aforementioned grey lace up booties.

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-7via glamour zine

Now this is one of those uber-girly outfits I talked about earlier in the post, which looks fantastic on Kristyn above but I just don’t do girly girl like this. The reason I chose this picture was for the black and white striped turtleneck. I was excited because only last Monday I bought (from a store, not thrifted unfortunately) a similar black and white turtleneck top, and seeing how well it goes with the pink skirt above gives me an idea for an outfit. I’d switch the shoes out for my favourite pointy black toe loafers.

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-8via a slo life

Love the graphic tee on this outfit, and it makes the girly pink skirt a bit more street. I’d change the slides to a pair of funky Adidas white kicks or keep the summer vibe with a pair of nude or metallic block heel sandals (although I do wonder how this would look with my white Birkenstocks? Hmmmm)

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-9via clothes and camera

The short of chartreuse in this outfit is so pretty but alas I don’t do this colour. It’s a wee bit off my usual colour spectrum. What I do rather like however is the baby blue paired with the pink, and then the tan sandals. A blouse in this blue colour and similar sandals would be a lovely spring outfit.

how-to-wear-pink-midi-skirt-10via the dash of darling

Another black and white striped turtleneck with pink skirt outfit, this time with a denim topper and a great pair of leopard heels. It’s the perfect mix of prints.

The weather is still a little cold to try wearing the pink skirt but hopefully there’ll be a day when I get to try it out and post on the blog. In the meantime, if you have any ideas on how to style the pink midi skirt, I’m all ears!

Header image via the fashion pledge

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