Inspiration: How to Wear Vans Old Skools

Sharing some ideas on how to wear Vans Old Skools without looking like a uni student or teenage skater boy.

EDIT: after a kerfuffle with my website this is the second time this post has been published!

The very last fashion item I purchased in 2017 was a pair of black and white Vans Old Skools. I’d been umming and aahing about them for a while and decided the sales were the time to buy them.

Unfortunately they weren’t on sale, and what sizes were available in mainly gigantic men’s sizes. My usual second hand channels also came up naught. I ended up buying them new with a 10% discount and free shipping from eBay.

Vans Old Skools are mainly worn by the younger lot but I can’t see why we mamas can’t rock them ourselves. They’re so comfy, and in the black and white version (and even the glazed ginger pair) are pretty versatile. Below are some of the ways my favourite Instagrammers have worn Old Skools.

With Feminine Details (eg Dresses and Skirts)

Instagram @andicsinger

Instagram @thefrugality

Instagram @shotfromthestreet

Instagram @thefrugality

I love the juxtaposition of girly and tomboy in these outfits. And how practical would it be for mamas? We can look pretty and be able to do errands with ease. (I’d probably go for a lower leg split compared to Lizzie from Shot from the Street above.)

With a white button down shirt

Instagram @andicsinger

Instagram @theannaedit

What doesn’t a white button down go with? Actually, a pregnant belly, but that’s because I can’t physically button them up anymore.  Vans Old Skools make the shirt seem less “stuffy”.

With suit items

Instagram @shotfromthestreet

Instagram @pepamack

How good do Vans Old Skools look with suiting pieces? If I worked in a corporate environment again I’d pair my blazer and cropped pants with a pair of black and white Vans for my commute to work, before wearing my proper work shoes. I’m not a fan of seeing beautifully suited women wearing thongs on their way to work, it just looks a little sloppy. I’d rather have sweaty feet.

With trousers that aren’t jeans

Instagram @shotfromthestreet

Instagram @shotfromthestreet

Instagram @thefrugality

Instagram @style_by_aggie

Of course jeans and Vans Old Skools go marvellously together but sometimes the pairing is a bit predictable. Carrot leg trousers, cropped pants and striped culottes (all items I have, incidentally) are stylish alternatives to the omnipresent jeans.

With colour

Instagram @rachelthehat

Instagram @thefrugality

A lot of the outfits I saved for this post are pretty minimalist – Vans Old Skools seem to have a minimalist sort of vibe.  A pop of colour with one item is a great way to add interest to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

While it’s a bit tricky to wear my Old Skools now (I had to get my 4 year old to tie my shoelaces the other day!), they will definitely be on high rotation once the baby is born. What’s your favourite outfit with Vans Old Skools?

Post header image via Instagram @thefrugality

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration: How to Wear Vans Old Skools

  1. haha, I’m one of those ‘wear my Havaianas for the commute’ people, or I used to be when I wore heels to the office. Just a necessity in Brisbane! Although I always find it amusing in places like Melbourne you never see it, I think it’s the different weather, or maybe just because other cities are more pulled-together, haha.

    I have a pair of Vans but kept passing over them to wear my Converse – I’m a Converse girl! So I gave the vans to my sister 🙂

    1. It’s interesting, Sydney women also do the thongs and suit look, it’s really just a more laid back sort of thing isn’t it? Yeah I don’t see much of it in Melbourne, and any other cities I’ve visited – it’s such an Aussie thing to do 😀 My feet are pretty hobbit like anyway and I hate showing them off in thongs, which may explain my attitude lol!

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