Inspiration: Winter essentials

For those of you still in the throes of winter (and for those of you whose summer is tailing off), I’ve put together some essentials for winter dressing.

Admittedly the weather has been just glorious on Sydney so it seems our winter might be ending early… or just a hiatus. However, there could still be some cold days ahead, and it’s not a bad idea to think about next year’s winter in advance!

For my northern hemisphere friends, I know you’re still basking in the gorgeous summer days, but it’s also not a bad time to start putting together the winter essentials. These are the building blocks to any good winter wardrobe and could easily form the basis of a classic winter capsule wardrobe.


I think for more temperate places like Sydney, you could probably get away with just one coat. Unlike leather jackets (which don’t suit everyone) and trench coats (sometimes waaaay too long for us petites), a basic coat in a neutral colour goes with anything and everything. They’re pretty flattering for most body types and and they just never go out of style.

The Inspiration: Style By Aggie

Old fav outfit // the statement coat on a black canvas. Have a great Thursday ?

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Buy similar:

Pinko grey coat
Gertrude and Gaston grey coat
BA&SH grey mid coat


OK so this is probably based on all the knitting I’ve been doing lately, but I am loving chunky knits for winter. Sometimes they’re just so warm that an additional outer layer isn’t required. The knits are a statement in themselves and look fab with jeans, leather leggings, midi skirts…

The Inspiration: Mimi Elashiry (via I Love Mr Mittens)

Awesome chunky knits:

Vince wool and cashmere blend chunky knit sweater
The Fifth Call Out Knit
Kelly Love Cactus Green knit


If I could wear these year round, I would. They are just so versatile! I love my Acne Jensens for a flat option and my Human Premium ones for a heel, and when I don’t wear sneakers these are my other go tos for winter.

Inspiration: Audrey Lombard

The perfect black ankle boots:

Acne Beth ankle boots
Office Africa block heel boots
Windsor Smith black ankle boots

A great winter wardrobe can be built around these three essentials! What are your winter basics for creating a perfectly curated winter wardrobe? Let me know!

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8 thoughts on “Inspiration: Winter essentials

  1. Yes to black ankle boots! I actually have a post about them scheduled in a couple of days, haha! They are a winter essential, although I’ve been questioning my need to have so many knits for winter.

    They are good to have but only facing a cold early morning commute a couple of times a week has me wondering if it’s worthwhile keeping them given how rarely they get worn here in Brisbane. I guess I’ll see how much they’ve been worn when winter’s over. Like you I think that might be soon!

    1. We should do a “Brisbane styled” and “Sydney styled” post Mica! It’s true that only wearing the boots a couple of times a week probably isn’t enough to get an economical cost per wear but I think they’re worth keeping. And you never know, you might be able to wear them in the colder cities (because we have so much time to travel right? Haha!) 😉

    1. Oh I have to admit, I love cold weather, but I might change my mind about this when I spend a winter in New York! Thanks for stopping by lovely xx

    1. Oh me too! I was very lucky to find a trench that suited my short frame! Yep unfortunately tropical climates don’t suit a trench coat – but maybe a trench dress? They’re a nice alternative! Thanks for stopping by lovely xx

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