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Instagram Changes, and a holiday!

A little update on how I’m thinking of changing my Instagram, and an upcoming holiday (get ready for the spam on IG!).

If you’ve been following along on my socials (and thank you for doing so!), I haven’t been posting much on Instagram, let alone Facebook and Pinterest.

Not only do I have very little time to do these things, but I was finding Instagram in particular to be very tedious and confusing. I would post something and would get very little interaction sometimes (thanks algorithm!), or have those annoying comment bots basically take over the comment section.

Also, with the new functionality (filters! Instagram Live! IGTV! Stories! Carousel photos! Boomerang! etc etc) I was very confused as to how to use Instagram effectively. What do I focus on – feed? Stories? Do I put my mug on IGTV? (I hate hearing the sound of my own voice!) What do you put on IGTV anyway? It’s all too much.

I was also finding the time it took to “take the right photo” extremely time confusing and unnecessarily stressful because it had to look “just right” and “on theme” with the feed. I didn’t find that enjoyable at all.

I’ve also found that I’m not really wearing anything Instagram worthy – I’m wearing outfits that I’m comfortable in, that I can run around after three children in, that I can sit and chat with parent friends without looking like I’m about to step into a photo shoot. And while unfortunately those aren’t the ones where you get the likes and comments, and the “on theme” Instagram feed, I’m actually happier and more “me” in them.

Speaking of the feed, it mainly focused on my outfits and the occasional blog post promo or some random photo that I thought might be interesting to include in the feed, but it really didn’t reflect who I was and what I was interested in. Being a full time SAHM now I’m big into home organisation, home hacks, keeping sane while taking care of three rapscallions, and somewhere along the way I get dressed and look OK every now and again. Oh, and my beloved knitting and craft projects, when I get the time to do them. I wanted my Instagram feed to be more about who I was rather than what I was wearing and what was Instagram worthy.

So pretty much from here on in I’ll be doing the following on my Instagram:

  • my FEED will mainly be blog post promos, with the occasional odd photo of style challenges (like #fridayfeet which I love doing), thrifting/opshopping, the occasional knitting/craft project, or a nice lifestyle photo, with a caption that shares a bit more rather than just a throwaway comment. With this said I probably won’t post on the feed often.
  • my STORIES will be more candid, day to day stuff, #mumlife, more thrifting, and the occasional outfit shot when I’m not wearing sweats or dagwear. I’ll probably be a bit more active here.
  • my HIGHLIGHTS will contain things that I hope will be useful to you, so things like spotting fakes at the thrift/op shop, reviews, or some of my favourite story photos that reflect my crazy life.
  • I haven’t quite figured out if I’ll use IGTV (as I mentioned above – I hate hearing my voice!) but any ideas on what to include there are most welcome.

As for Facebook, I’ll probably use it very similarly to Instagram, but probably with a bit more info accompanying the photos… I find that platform more suited to that style, and of course Pinterest is Pinterest, I just have to remember to actually pin stuff!

From this Thursday I’ll be on a holiday with my youngest and my mum to the USA to celebrate our milestone birthdays (I’m not telling… you’ll have to guess how old!). It’s been in the pipeline for a while (and lots of saving) and I’m so excited to have a little breather from being a mum of 3, as well as being able to spend time with Mum, who I obviously don’t get to see much now since we’re on opposite sides of the country. I’ll be using my STORIES to share photos of my trip!

I hope this new Instagram profile will be more reflective of who I am and what I’m really about! I’d love your feedback on what else I can include!

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Changes, and a holiday!

  1. Oh what an awesome trip you have coming up! 🙂

    It sounds like you’ve thought a lot about how to make Instagram work for you too! I find I’m happy sticking to my daily outfit on my feed, sometimes I share a little more in stories, but I’ve definitely been using it less recently. I try not to worry about engagement too much – it’s so unpredictable! I’ve mastered the feed and the occasional story, and I’m leaving IGTV- I love youtube but I watch that on a computer, never got into IGTV on my phone – who has the time to stare at their phone that long? haha!

    1. Oh I hear you about the engagement thing – we’ve got other things to worry about right! 😀 Seriously keeping it simple is the best (you hearing this Instagram?) 🙂

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