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Instagram Roundup (and why I’m ending my autumn capsule wardrobe early)

This week I only have a few outfit posts plus a sneaky peek of what will be in my winter capsule.

(WARNING: Longish read)

The reasons why I only have three outfit posts on Instagram this week are also related to why I’m ending my autumn capsule challenge early.

To be quite frank, it’s because I’m damn cold and I’m bored.

When putting together my autumn capsule wardrobe I really didn’t think about Sydney’s weather in mind – it is fickle at the best of times. For example, yesterday it was beautifully balmy and sunny so I had some great items in my current capsule to accommodate that; but today it was grey and miserable and having a sweater would have been particularly useful.

I’ve also had a long hard think about the capsule wardrobe challenge and have come to the conclusion that I’ll never be able to achieve that true capsule wardrobe where I have the barest minimum of items in my wardrobe… well, certainly not at this time in my life, anyway.

I totally get that a capsule wardrobe is meant to minimise the time and stress it takes to get dressed for the day as it means that you only have what you truly love in your wardrobe. That certainly was the case in the beginning of my challenge; I enjoyed looking through my pared-down collection and easily grabbing coordinating outfits for an easy outfit.

In the last couple of weeks I would look in my wardrobe and stare for ages at what I had in there because I really didn’t want to wear a lot of what was in my autumn capsule. One of the main reasons included not having appropriate clothing for the colder weather. The other was because I felt like something was missing.

And I think what was missing was me.

I never realised how much I missed colour until I actually wanted to wear it and found that I had a very limited range of shades in my wardrobe. This was mainly for ease of dressing and making sure all items coordinated. But it also meant that when I wanted to wear colour I couldn’t because, well, I had chosen to.

I love experimenting with new looks and trends, seeing what works long-term with my lifestyle and my personal style, and having a strict number of items in my capsule wardrobe (plus not being able to go shopping) really limits my ability to do that.

I love doing DIY projects and refashioning old clothes into something new (and sharing these on the blog!), and again having those strict limitations on what can and can’t go in the wardrobe means I probably can’t do all the projects I really want to do because, based on the “rules” of a capsule wardrobe I can’t add to what I already have.

Most of all, for me getting dressed is meant to be fun, and after almost three months of my autumn capsule wardrobe the process wasn’t as much fun as when I first started. This may or may not have something to do with the clothes I chose in my final capsule. I would look in my wardrobe and think that I’d really want to wear something else than what I was seeing, get a little disappointed that what I did have in there wasn’t what I felt like wearing for the day, and end up wearing something I wasn’t totally happy with.

So for these reasons, I’m finishing up the autumn capsule wardrobe two weeks before the end of the three month period I stipulated, and I do feel a little guilty about this having harped on about it only to renege at the end.


Because it’s been so cold I’ve taken to wearing pants and jeans most days. Like with the lack of colour in my capsule wardrobe that I mentioned above, I never realised how much I missed wearing a skirt until I wanted to wear the skirts I had but couldn’t because I didn’t include in my capsule wardrobe. Also, either I’ve put on weight or the pencil skirt in my essentials capsule shrank in the wash, so I haven’t been able to wear that for a while now.

For my winter wardrobe I’m thinking I’ll still use a capsule approach, but will be a bit more flexible with the so-called rules as well as include more colour and fun in my choices (see the bottom right photo above for a taster!). Stay tuned over the next week as I talk about what changes I’m doing to my capsule wardrobe challenge as well as what I’ll be wearing over the winter (and possibly beyond!).

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