Japanese minimalism

I’ve been getting a lot of Japanese ‘grammers coming up in my Instagram feed and I’m kinda digging it. Although I lived in Japan for a little while, my Japanese is basically non-existent so trying to read the Instagram captions of the above users to ascertain why there have been so many posts isn’t happening. I am loving the easy minimalism of their outfits – clean lines, neutral colours, nothing fashiony but stand out classic. I’ve always liked how the Japanese girls seem so effortless even though I knew for a fact that they heavily styled themselves that way. I’d love to go back.

Images from Instagram users: miyopu / midopei / ryo0809apple / miyumo_21 / fujiko_b / ryochan714 / mj0830_m / mss713 / riila.uii / yokoiwakami / yuko_ig / / ar.mtk / tama_yawa / puu326

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