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Life Update: adjusting to a new city, house hunting and a short break

It’s been over 6 weeks since we moved across the country, and I’m only now just starting to feel slightly human.

Having spent a fair chunk of my life in Sydney (not including a jaunt overseas and in Melbourne), it’s fairly safe to say that I miss my old hometown. Notwithstanding the fact that all of my family and friends are there, but also the little quirky neighborhoods (including the one we used to live in); the availability of things (there is virtually a Daiso in every shopping centre! Here in WA? ONE in the ENTIRE state); heck, just the familiarity of the place.

The first few weeks were hard. I pretty much only had my kids and my inlaws to talk to – hubby was overseas for work, I hadn’t any friends yet, and I was basically at my kids’ beck and call. Add to this the fact that we were (and still are) living at my inlaws’ place while we looked for our new home, I was certainly feeling very displaced.

When the kids started school it gave me a little break in the mornings from them, but dropping them off and seeing the parents who were already friends, mingling and chatting away – it made me miss my little network of friends from my kids’ old school back in Sydney. Also, the drive to school from my inlaws’ place is pretty far – 18 minutes when there’s no traffic and all the lights are green, but more often than not it can take 20-25 minutes (one day it took me 35 minutes to get to school). You may think eh, that’s nothing, but I do multiple trips to and from the school a day – 6 trips in total – and all that driving adds up.

Not having found a place was incredibly frustrating. Hubby and I had a list of must haves for our new house but a tight budget, and all the houses we looked at just weren’t quite right. Hubby had this grand idea that we could buy a busted up place and do it up to make it what we wanted, but I completely vetoed that idea. 3 small kids? Major renovations? Does he not remember what happened only a few months ago??

So let’s just say for at least 4 weeks I was in a bit of a funk, which would explain the lack of regular posting on the blog and on social media.

HOWEVER! All the driving around has made me a little more confident about Perth roads and I’ve been able to visit some great little neighborhoods and opshops… even if I can’t actually buy anything!

There have been some new parent catch ups at the school and I’ve been able to connect with some of the other parents whose kids started this year as well. Both kiddos have started making friends and Miss 5 has already been invited to a birthday party which makes me incredibly happy and relieved that they’ve settled in.

AND! We’ve found a place! Our offer was accepted and we’ll be moving in about 3 weeks, no renovations required! The best part? It’s only a 6 minute drive to the school (well, it will probably be more like 8-10 minutes, but in any case much better than what I’m doing right now).

With all the chaos that’s happened, everyone thought a break was in order… so we went down south to Dunsborough for a short holiday. What a beautiful part of the world that is – the kids loved the calm, serene beaches… we even spotted a sting ray mooching around in the water. Miss 11 months, who normally hated the waves in Sydney, was happy to splash around in the waters here.

My contribution for @take3forthesea – come one everyone, pick up your rubbish!

Blogging and social media will still be a bit erratic until we’ve settled into our new house, but I’ll try and participate in the @teamstylefile style challenge next week. Let me know what you guys are up to – it gives me an excuse to take some time out of my day to do something for myself!

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2 thoughts on “Life Update: adjusting to a new city, house hunting and a short break

  1. Oh congrats on the new house, that’s awesome! I’m glad to hear things are settling down and you’re getting more comfortable driving around and with the are you are staying. Hope that things continue to go smoothly from here on! 🙂

    I want to do the style challenge but I’m a bit under the pump at the moment as I’m doing a certification through work so I’m sticking with what I had planned to wear for the week rather than trying to mix it up. If it works by chance, I’ll share for the theme 🙂

    1. Thanks Mica! I have to admit, in this short time here so far I think Perth is a better place to raise kids compared to Sydney, even if it’s a bit far for my family to visit!

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