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Life with Kids: 5 Family Days Out That Never Fail

With the holidays approaching, here are some ideas for things to do with kids and have a great time together!

This time of year can get busy and sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s really important – family. So, if in amongst all the work, household chores and rushing around you feel like family has been a bit neglected, here are some fail safe ways to spend some quality time together.

A Picnic

With all the technology at our fingertips – the adults on their laptops, the kids on their phones and tablets and then we spend the evening watching TV – we rarely get outside and spend a whole day in the fresh air just in each other’s company. Children as young as three have got their own tablets these days. If you think it’s about time you spent some quality time together, a picnic is a great choice. Pack up some of your family’s favourites and a blanket and step out into the great outdoors. Why not take some outdoor games with you? Frisbee and football usually go down a treat.


It doesn’t matter whether you head to the beach or the local swimming pool, swimming is always great family fun. Marco Polo, ball games and water slides will always entertain the kids and it’s a great excuse for you to shop for some new swimwear. It’s also a great form of exercise, so once you’re done, the family should be suitably exhausted for a quiet evening and a well-deserved lengthy night’s sleep.

Theme Park

It may not be a cheap day out, but it’s certainly one to remember, so dont’ forget to bring the camera! Even if your kid is being particularly stroppy, a theme park day out is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s an ideal way to forget the trials and tribulations of everyday life and thoroughly enjoy yourselves. Remember to take some family pictures and create an album you and all the family can look back on in years to come.


We love going to museums, especially if there are dinosaurs to be seen! If you’ve got family members who love to learn about history and culture, a trip to a local or national museum could be the perfect day out. If like many families, you’ve probably got one child who likes history and another child who couldn’t care less, museums are becoming a lot more technical, with interactive tools and dramatic shows played out by the staff. There really is something for everyone now.


Not only is it cheap, but it will bring out the competitive side in everyone. Boys against girls, mum against dad, it’ll give everyone a great laugh. It’s also great exercise for the kids and bowling alleys often have arcades or laser tag nearby where you can continue the fun. So, if you’ve got a family that loves to play games, go grab your bowling shoes and get rolling those balls.

Quality family time doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s the time together that counts! What do you like to do to spend quality time with your family?



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