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Made by me: Wool and the Gang Tommy Top (and where I’ve been lately)

Sharing my recent knit project, the Tommy Top from Wool and the Gang, and other bits and pieces!

If you’re vaguely wondering why I’ve been quiet on the blog, this is one reason:

I’ve finally finished knitting the Tommy Top from Wool and the Gang (buy the kit here). It’s the perfect knitted top for summer, made with cotton Billie Jean yarn. I love that the yarn is made from denim off cuts, so is totally sustainable and doesn’t use any additional dyes as it’s already been coloured from the denim jean production process.

What I did notice while knitting though is because it’s made from denim off cuts, it does stain just like denim does on white leather or canvas. My fingers were constantly stained blue after knitting, and my rosewood knitting needles are permanently blue on the ends.

It was super easy to knit though; and after completing the Rock It bomber (sold out on the Wool and the Gang site) which was considerably harder than this top it was a relief to be able to do something in almost auto-pilot mode.

The armholes are a wee bit exaggerated for my modest little self so I’ll be wearing the top with a tank underneath. It would look great with a pair of denim shorts or white shorts (probably give the top a good wash beforehand to avoid aforementioned staining). Here I’ve worn my old Miss Shop tank dress to create a pencil skirt effect. I’m also wearing a pair of secondhand Scanlan Theodore velcro sneakers along with my customised perforated tote bag.

The other reason why I’ve been quiet on the blog and social media is this:

Just over 12 weeks along and I’m at the point where I can’t use the “I had an extra few donuts today” excuse. I’m also only just emerging from the first trimester haze of morning sickness, reflux and constant fatigue. The morning sickness has been particularly horrid this 3rd time around, and it would hit around 3pm every day until I went to sleep (so much for morning sickness). The nausea (and sometimes vomiting) didn’t help in getting my Tommy Top finished, as often I would find myself prostrate on the couch after putting the kids to sleep, not wanting to knit or blog or do anything remotely active.

With bub #3 on its way I’ll be blogging (when I can!) about life during pregnancy, styling the bump, and other maternity-related topics along with my usual inspiration posts and occasional DIYs and refashions! Check back regularly for these posts and other musings as I share what it’s like to have almost 3 munchkins 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Made by me: Wool and the Gang Tommy Top (and where I’ve been lately)

  1. Oh my goodness congratulations! So excited for you! 🙂 What awesome news! 😀

    I had really similar evening sickness with my youngest – it was horrible as I couldn’t really do much in the evenings, or eat anything! Glad you’re over the worst of it. Looking forward to seeing your pregnancy style too! While my baby days are behind me I love seeing how people style the bump 🙂

    Congrats again!

    1. Thanks Mica! Life will be pretty crazy with 3 I think, I had better get as many blog posts as I can pumped out before life gets too out of control 😛

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