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Made It: Strathcona Sweater Knitting Project

It’s hard to resist a knitting project that has NO SEAMING!

I’m a bit behind on my posts and it will be a little bit out of order than my original plan, but that’s OK. Because #mumlife.

With the new tax changes coming into place in Australia on July 1, I was researching other yarn to buy if I couldn’t get my Wool and the Gang fix. While on eBay I came across Abbey Road yarn supplied by none other than Spotlight.

One of the yarn’s colours was “nude” which was really more of a blush colour, and I decided to buy a few balls to work on an as yet undecided project. Interestingly enough, because Abbey Road yarn only comes in 100g balls, comparing it with Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool which comes in 200g balls I found I spent more buying locally than through an overseas supplier like WATG. Of course, this is what the whole hooha is about with the new GST legislation on international retailers, with overseas suppliers being cheaper than local retailers… but I digress. Business and politics is not what this blog is about.

I eventually decided to make the Strathcona Sweater by Tara-Lynn Morrison – it had a nice mock neck and had no sewing involved! WIN!

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It was only my second time making an entire garment with circular needles, and I wondered whatever why, because being able to make a sweater without sewing is so much more fun. OK, sewing is not the end of the world for a project, but it’s the step I dread the most.

I modified the pattern a bit so that the neck wasn’t as high, and the sleeves and body were a little longer.

Have you heard the term “bracelet length sleeves”? I certainly hadn’t, I’d always thought they were called “7/8 sleeves” but I saw an Insta post relating to bracelet length sleeves. Anyway the final sweater ended up having said bracelet length sleeves, which meant I could wear my chunky cuff without it snagging on the sweater.

I really like the pattern, it’s super easy to follow and did I mention NO SEWING? I ordered a batch of WATG Crazy Sexy Wool before the GST change so I could make the sweater again, but I’m thinking of adding cables to the front.

What I’m Wearing
  • Sweater: Strathcona Sweater made by me with Abbey Road Yarn from Spotlight
  • Jeans: Paige (thrifted)
  • Boots: Seed Heritage
  • Bag: Longchamp (hand me down)
  • Watch: Fossil (hand me down)
  • Cuff: Benah (bought second hand from Kirribilli Markets)

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3 thoughts on “Made It: Strathcona Sweater Knitting Project

  1. I love the bracelet length sleeves! I have a few jackets that have that length of sleeve, so perfect for bracelet stacks. Not that I tend to wear them much with the little ones being so grabby, haha. It’s a beautiful knit and it’s wonderful you’re able to make it yourself, even if the wool is more expensive now. I’m not too happy with the new rules on overseas purchases, but I’m trying to buy less anyway so this is just more motivation for me to avoid shopping, haha!

    1. Thanks Mica! Yep not too happy about the change to overseas shopping either, but like you said it’s probably a good reason to avoid it! Although I did go hard before the end of June so I’m not in a position to do much shopping anyway, haha!

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