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Style: Mixed Prints and Pattern Clashing

Whatever you call it, here are some of my favourite ways to do mixed prints!

One of the daily prompts in my #5feetofstylewardrobechallenge from last month was to mix two ore more prints in the day’s outfit.

I do love a good print mix but I tend to do it in a “minimal” style, if that makes sense. That is, I don’t tend to mix bold prints AND bold colours together. It’s not really my style, and I feel like that clash of print and colour would overwhelm my short stature. That said though, if you can pull it off then AWESOME! I just tend to steer more towards neutral colours and subtle prints.

When print mixing/pattern clashing I like to choose one colour and let that be the theme in the two or more prints I’m mixing up. For example, in this outfit the navy in the striped shirt and the leopard print pants link the prints together. To be really on theme, I also have navy Converse Chucks, although I chose those shoes mainly because I had a lot of walking to do that day and I needed comfy kicks.

For my third print in the outfit I went for a monochrome skull print scarf, which being black and white goes with anything really. Because the pattern clashing is enough of a statement, I went with a neutral topper by way of my trusty David Lawrence trench.

Ideas for “minimalist” print mixing:
  • Take one print and wear two or more items with different iterations of the print. Think a top with small polka dots and culottes with bigger spots, or a horizontal stripe shirt with vertical stripe pants.
  • Choose two or more prints (eg stripes and spots) and have one colour be the theme of the prints, eg navy spots on a white blouse, navy stripes on bottoms.
  • Choose printed items that are black and white or other neutrals, eg white blouse with black spots worn with navy pants and white stripes.
  • Wear one colourful piece with an item that’s black and white, eg floral blouse with black and white polka dot skirt.
  • Consider leopard as a “neutral” – leopard print will go with pretty much any other print! Like my jeans above, you could choose a leopard print with a colour that is within your second print, but classic leopard print (ie the brown/black one) is surprisingly very versatile and is great for print mixing.

Once you’re confident with print mixing then go all out and mix away! I’ve put together some inspiration on print mixing over on my Pinterest if you’re after some ideas on how to pull together a pattern clash outfit!

Wearing: David Lawrence trench (old) | Alexander McQueen scarf (via Carousell) |
Saint James striped shirt |
Scanlan and Theodore leopard print jeans (via Carousell) |
Converse Chuck Taylors (via Depop)

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5 thoughts on “Style: Mixed Prints and Pattern Clashing

  1. I love leopard print and stripes together, one of my frequently worn print mixes! I have a lot of skull scarves too, thanks to the Matches Fashion sales, ha! And I love wearing them with stripes. Never thought skull print would be such an easy one to mix with, ha!

    1. Ooooh I’m after some more skull scarves, the non-silk ones though – I’ve seen them pop up now and again on resell groups but I always miss out :'(

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