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Mum Life: #18for2018 goals

After a refreshing break from the usual grind and reflecting on the year that was, I’m sharing what my #18for2018 goals are for this year!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I spent my three weeks off pretty much just lazing at the beach or poolside, with my lovely inlaws doting over the kids while I nursed my ever-increasing back pain. The time away and break from parenting also gave me the opportunity to really think about what I wanted to achieve for 2018, especially with the impending addition to our little family.

If you’re unfamiliar with #18for2018, it’s basically an alternative to New Year’s Resolutions, whereby you set smaller but more realistic goals to achieve for the new year. I had some ideas in mind while on holidays, but needed that extra week afterwards to remember what everyday life was like so I could make sure my 18 goals were realistic and achievable.

I also wanted to make these goals flexible to accommodate the life change to happen in April – as everyone knows, having a baby means huuuuuuuge changes to one’s life – so these goals aren’t completely set in stone.

The overarching theme of these goals is to keep my life as simple as possible in 2018. 3 children means life will be much more hectic; last year was pretty manic and I can recall feeling so stressed towards the kids, my work, and feeling so overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do (or, thought I needed to do). The goals I’m setting for myself are aimed at ensuring my life is as simple and uncluttered (physically and mentally) so that I don’t have the same feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed.

#18for2018 goals
  1. Keep the kitchen benchtop clear every day.
  2. Don’t wait for dirty dishes to pile up, do them as soon as possible.
  3. Wash, hang and fold/iron clothes within 24 hours.
  4. Implement new toy storage system to keep the playroom tidy (and make it easier for kidlets to clean up after themselves).
  5. Plan meals 1-2 weeks in advance to make grocery shopping quicker (and save money).
  6. Make a “master list” of all the key grocery items (food and non-food) so they can be checked on a weekly basis before shopping to see what’s missing (thus avoiding duplicates and making sure we always buy what we need in the one shopping trip)
  7. Buy less convenience/junk food and more high-quality, healthier options
  8. For household cleaning items, buy and/or investigate natural/non-toxic alternatives
  9. For personal care items, avoid buying in bulk and only buy what I need (eg those 40% deals at Priceline always tempt me to buy 3+ of the same as well as other goodies that I forget or don’t end up using!)
  10. Buy less fashion (even at op/thrift stores or secondhand online) BUT
  11. Buy better (quality comes at a price)
  12. Put an extra $100/week towards the mortgage
  13. Start planning blog posts and social media posts… BUT
  14. Spend less time on the phone – switch off/ignore after 8pm most days
  15. Do regular meditation
  16. Practice yoga regularly (3 times a week)
  17. Be a more peaceful, mindful parent and wife
  18. Make the bed

Upon reading these goals they may seem a little trivial, a little trite… I mean, who sets a goal for doing laundry?? However, if you knew anything about my life last year, I would regularly have 3 or more loads of laundry sitting around for days and I’d complain about having so much to do.

However, in the last week, I started doing the washing and folding/ironing of clothes within 24 hours and it meant not having those blasted baskets lying around. It helped that I wasn’t frittering away that time looking at Facebook or Instagram or other time-sapping devices (see goal #14). I was freaking tired afterwards, but the joy of having a clutter-free laundry was worth it.

Certainly for some of these goals they may be more achievable/possible after birth (yoga is a bit tricky at the moment but I’ve given it a go on some days). As I mentioned, some of these goals may change once baby comes along. But it’s a starting point to help achieve an overall simplicity and mindfuless this year.

Because Birkenstocks are a symbol of simplicity.

What do you think of these #18for2018 goals? What are your goals and wishes for 2018? I’d love to know!

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4 thoughts on “Mum Life: #18for2018 goals

  1. Glad you enjoyed your break! 🙂

    These seem like really positive changes to make! I’m guilty of letting the laundry pile up, I can’t think of any time recently where I’ve managed to fold and put away within 24 hours – I do want to be better at it! Have really focused on setting up a good morning and evening routine as best I can with two little ones that pick random hours to wake up at, haha! Maybe next year I can tackle that time in the middle of the day and get a handle on laundry!

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