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Mum Life: 2018 Summary and What’s Ahead

A little wrap up of the crazy year that was 2018 and what’s ahead for me and the family.

[Disclaimer: long-ish post ahead]

I had planned to blog earlier in the year but I had a wee problem with the blog and had to wait for a short but expensive solution to the problem. In the meantime, life got in the way, as it does, and here I am 8 days in blogging about the year that was.

The biggest and most stressful thing that happened last year was selling the house. The process actually started in March, as we had renovations to do to get the house ready for sale. There were weeks where we were displaced and had to AirBNB or stay at my parents’ house while the house was being done.

For example, one of the first jobs we had done was painting the ENTIRE house, and it was a bigger job than it was first thought so we were out of the house for 2 weeks. We had new flooring put in and the timber floors sanded and polished, so we had to move out again for that.

All the curtains and blinds were removed (including the kids’ blockout ones in their bedrooms) and it was like this for weeks until we had new ones installed. Which meant incredibly early wake ups for them (and us!). A new deck was put in as our old one was rotting and unusable; the kitchen had new benchtops put it; the lighting was updated to look more modern.

By the way, did I mention I had a baby to look after during all of this?

There were so many things that needed to be done and we had no idea how long and how complicated it would take to get all these jobs done. The kids, bless them, had no idea what was going on and they were pretty feral especially when we had to move out or when things were moved around that they weren’t used to. We felt awful about having to inflict all this upon them so if I had one piece of advice about doing renovations is to do them BEFORE you have kids or when they’re old enough to understand why you’re doing it.

So once all the renovations were done we had to then go into the marketing the house and have it open for inspection for 4 weeks. And oh man that was next level stressful, especially because we had the kids. As much as I would implore them to pack up, tidy their play space, or keep their rooms clean, it was pretty impossible, so my husband and I had a huge job every Friday night to clean the house, and Saturday morning to “style” the space so all the toys were hidden and any personal effects were tucked away. (Should I also mention Saturday mornings are when the kids’ activities are on? Ahhhhhhhh!)

The last 2 weeks of the selling campaign were full on because there were a couple of buyers particularly interested in the house and would spring surprise 2nd and 3rd inspections before the auction date. Cue frantic tidying and styling of the house (me), and cleaning up the garden and outdoor areas (hubby).

Despite the market downturn in Sydney, we were incredibly lucky and grateful to sell the house before the auction, and this meant we were able to finally relax and enjoy the holiday period in the house (which I can’t really call “ours” anymore since it’s been sold, right?). Oh, and one of the highlights of last year was that I got to meet some of the lovely Sydney ladies that I follow on Instagram for pre-holiday drinks, and it was so good to be able to see them in real life and have adult conversations.

The last week or so has actually made me realise the implications of selling the house. The reason why we’re selling is that we’ve decided to move out of Sydney and go to Perth, where my husband’s family is from. And while it’ll be great to have his family help out and see the kids more when we’re there, of course I’ll have to leave my own family behind and they’ll miss out on seeing the kids.

While sometimes my mum and I have our disagreements we’re pretty close and I’m going to miss being able to call her in the same time zone, or being able to drive over to their house and just relax while she dotes over/spoils the kids. Other than being a great shopping buddy, we’ve had quite a few experiences over the years and we won’t be able to have those as easily with me being on the other side of the country. It’s this, and seeing my old friends for one last catch up, that has just hit me like a tonne of bricks and I’ve been a bit of an emotional mess lately.

The big move is in 12 days and I’ve been on a massive decluttering and purging mission so that we don’t bring too much unnecessary stuff over to Perth (it helps I’ve been watching Consumed and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo lately). Even after doing all this I feel like we have way too much stuff and I’m fully committed to living a simpler, more minimal life when we move to Perth.

And speaking of the move… we actually haven’t found a house yet (a bit hard to inspect the houses when you’re thousands of kilometres away) so we’re crashing at my inlaws while we look for our new house. Oh, and the older kids start their new school and pre-school.

CHAOS is the only word to describe it.

While I’m sad about leaving my parents and my friends behind in Sydney, I’m excited about finding a new house and what Perth holds for me and the family. Sydney has become really difficult to live in, with the traffic, cost of living, and general feeling of the city just seeming much more stressed and less vibrant than before.

So if the blogging and posting on social media has been a bit bitsy and erratic… above are the reasons why. And speaking of which, my 9 month old (what? When did my baby turn 9 months old?) has been teething and transitioning to 2 naps a day so my sleep has been pretty crappy to say the least.

There’ll be a few changes in the content of the blog with the move so expect to see a lot more about house hunting, home organisation, and more mum life, along with my usual style posts and occasional DIY projects. Thank you for reading my blog and leaving comments here and on my social media in 2018!


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2 thoughts on “Mum Life: 2018 Summary and What’s Ahead

  1. Oh wow, I knew you were selling but I had no idea you had to do so many renovations and that you were moving across the country too, so much change! I hope you enjoy Perth and you adjust perfectly easily to everything over there (and you get some more sleep, it’s hard enough with a baby without all that extra stuff too!)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. It’s been so stressful but I hope it’s all been worth it. I’m excited and anxious for the move to happen, it’s been a long time coming!

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