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Mum Life: How to Plan a Kids’ Day Out

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If you’re thinking about planning a big day out with your kids and their friends, it can be a stressful but rewarding experience for you AND the kids! It’s can be a lot of fun to plan your own excursion and expedition, but most people leave it to the school to do all the organising. If you want to do something fun with your kids, but also would like them to enjoy the company of their friends, consider planning well ahead for the school holidays, so you can all have some fun without too much fretting!

Team Up With Other Parents

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One of the things you might want to do is team up with other parents, so you won’t have to take responsibility for all the kids. You can take turns looking after the little ones at each stage of the journey, and that means you’ll be able to have some quality time to think about the planning and execution. You’ll need to talk to parents in the school and/or neighbourhood and find out who is up to the trip, so you can have the right adult-child ratio.

Get Organised

Getting kids ready on time and making sure that you stick to a schedule can be challenging. It’ important you organise everything and share the responsibilities. One of you can research the venues, other people will be able to get the cars ready and take care of the in-car entertainment, or hire a minibus, and so on. Someone can even be in charge of sandwiches and snacks, so you don’t have to spend too much money on pit stops and food. Every parent has a hidden talent, you just have to find it.

Arrange Transport

It’s crucial that you have a safe transport and it’s equipped with everything you need for the journey, including the child seats, seat belts, and other driver convenience features. You don’t want to end up trying to secure a couple of kids at once if there’s a problem. If you decide to take the train or the coach, you’ll need to ensure that you have a reserved seat, so you can stay together and don’t have to chase after one another.

Get a Group Discount

When you arrange your day out with friends and their kids, always ask for a group discount, so you can all save money and take advantage of the special deals. The same applies to entrance tickets and attractions. You can even sign up for a special voucher online, so you can get a buy one get one free offer, so it will only cost you half the money to get in.

Track the Kids

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If you have finally managed to get the kids off the couch, your next challenge might be to keep them at bay. If it’s the school holidays, they might feel the freedom, and this will be challenging for the adults in the group. If there is one good feature of mobile phones, it is that you can track them remotely, so you always know where your kids are. If you visit the zoo or a park, it only takes a second or two to lose sight of a small child. Thankfully, kids try not to run out of battery life, so you can track them and find them easier using their mobile phones.

Create Something Memorable

If you would like the kids and adults to remember the day out and would like to create memories or give everyone a reward for taking part in the expedition, you could get some custom cards made here and add the date, the place you visited, and something motivational. You can also set up a game assigning every child and adult an animal or a task and create a challenge they need to complete. You could try to make it an interactive game and trip, as kids are getting more used to this experience through the internet and when using their mobile phone.

Be Prepared for a Rainy Day

Unfortunately, no matter how well you prepare for the journey, you will need to be ready for your plans washed away by the rain. In this case you’ll have to create a Plan B for your family day out. Do some research onalternative locations and activities, and tell the kids that going somewhere else if the weather is not nice is an alternative. This way, they won’t be too disappointed when you change the plans, and know what to expect if plans do change.

Book a Table or a Room

If you’re planning on having a picnic or eating out after the activity, you might want to book a table, especially if you are planning a trip during the school holidays. You can expect most of the attractions to be extremely busy, so it’s recommended to call the venue at least a week before you arrive. This will help you stick to your schedules and make the most of your day. You can also get a group booking discount or have a meeting room booked so you don’t have to sit apart.

Keep Everyone Updated

When planning en expedition like this it’s importantt you keep everyone updated and you’re able to communicate with all the parents. You can use bulk text message, or create a Facebook and Whatsapp group, so everyone can get the updates on time, and there are no surprises that will cause last minute changes.

Planning a kids’ day out is a challenge, even for experienced teachers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your fellow parents and know about the special emotional or dietary needs of all kids. Share the responsibilities, and you can have an amazing day to remember!

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