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Mum Style: V-necks for breastfeeding and Wool and the Gang Delia cardigan

Another I’m-super-excited-for-winter with a breastfeeding-friendly top in my favourite print and knitted duster cardigan.

The last time I wore this striped Bassike top was in this post:

It was great for combating the heat during summer, but now it’s proving particularly useful for breastfeeding. I had bought it with the intention to wear it for breastfeeding, and while it’s not super stretchy the V-neck is pretty deep and the top could be easily pulled down or aside to whip out said boobs for feeding.

Now that the days are getting a little chillier though the sleeveless tank on its own isn’t enough, so it was FINALLY time to whip out this Wool and the Gang Delia cardigan that I’d worked on while I was pregnant.

I had completed a few knitting projects during my pregnancy which I’ll share now that it’s finally cold enough to wear them AND I can actually fit into them. I was really excited to take this cardigan out though as the mohair is so super soft and snuggly. Again though the temps were a bit warmer in the middle of the day so I had to take the cardigan off, but it was perfect for when it was nippy in the morning and later in the afternoon.

The mohair yarn is so luscious to knit with, but I have to admit, seaming the pieces afterwards is a bit joyless. It’s so hairy that I can’t see the stitches to match up very well. This was the second project I’d knitted with mohair and while it was a teensy bit easier it still wasn’t much fun. I really need to invest in some circular needles so there’s a limited need for sewing! Also, the mohair does tend to shed a fair bit, so unless you want to leave evidence behind I wouldn’t recommend wearing it while scoffing the last Easter eggs in the pantry (*cough*).

The cardigan itself is gorgeous – I love the grey (even if it’s a little similar to the cardigan in this post – I’m consistent, if anything) and it’s tempting to make it in another neutral colour like beige. If you don’t like long duster cardigans, Wool and the Gang have a similar one in a shorter version, also in mohair.

Wearing: Wool and the Gang Delia cardigan knitted with Take Care Mohair in Deep Grey; Bassike v-neck top; RE/DONE jeans (bought via Carousell); Witchery loafers (bought via Carousell).

Want to knit it yourself too? Buy the kit here.

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4 thoughts on “Mum Style: V-necks for breastfeeding and Wool and the Gang Delia cardigan

  1. Your knit looks so cosy and you’re so skilled, it’s a beautiful cardigan! I just bought a couple of cardigans today, they don’t look as cosy as this though! 🙂

    I am so looking forward to cooler weather to let me wear a cardigan, we got a taste of it today but I think it’s a few weeks off still!

    1. Aw thanks Mica. I’m chuffed with how the cardigan turned out, although it does shed quite a bit! The weather is a bit iffy in Sydney too – the other day it was definitely cardigan weather, but today it’s been singlet weather! 😛

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