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Mum Style: Bring on Winter

Is anyone else as excited about winter as I am??

Being heavily pregnant at the height of summer meant I didn’t enjoy the heat as much as I normally would have. Which then meant I was looking forward to winter a little bit more than most Sydneysiders.

I’m more of a winter person anyway, but more so this year as I sweated profusely this summer. It’s hard to dress a pregnant belly in breezy clothes that don’t resemble a muu muu.

As soon as the temps hit low to mid 20s in Sydney I was pulling out my sweats and knits. Never mind that it was that temperature at the beginning of the day and that it warmed it by around lunchtime. I was so ready to wear my winter gear.

One of my favourite labels for knitwear is Viktoria and Woods but I can never afford their knits at retail price. So when this knit came up on eBay I snapped it up immediately, despite it being summer at the time of purchase and being 5 months pregnant so therefore not able to wear it.

It may not be the most practical knit for breastfeeding (and for being a mum in general – the tassels were already a target with Mr 3) but it’s not often I get to dress up a bit these days. It was Instagram Husband’s birthday and we went out for dinner, and I wanted to look a little bit smarter than my usual trackpants and vomit-stained t-shirt outfit combination.

I recently commented on a post on The Unbosom‘s Instagram about outfits and clothes, and the power of clothes to remind us of who we were before we became mothers. It’s all too easy to just keep wearing the trackpants and stained t-shirt outfit because #mumlife and it’s too tiring to think of a stylish outfit. But it’s also nice to remember that I once did wear nice outfits and liked wearing clothes like this because we were also our own selves before taking care of little people.

Also, going to a restaurant with said vomit-stained t-shirt probably wouldn’t have gone down well with the other patrons.

By the way, I’m also back on Facebook, updating it with blog stuff and other random bits and pieces that I read and get inspired by along the way. Mind you I’m not very good at updating my Instagram so hopefully I can keep on top of Facebook. So go ahead and follow me there… perhaps it will give me a good reason to keep on top of it!

Outfit Details
  • Knit: Viktoria & Woods (secondhand via eBay)
  • Jeans: thrifted Paige Skyline Skinny Straight
  • Boots: Atmos & Here via The Iconic
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4 thoughts on “Mum Style: Bring on Winter

  1. That is such a fun knit! 🙂 I can see why you had to have it and snap it up to wear later! 🙂 I’ve found the same weather wise, I get excited with the cooler mornings then it’s back up to the near 30s in the afternoon, so I’m shedding all the layers again, haha! I’m looking forward to knit and boot weather, but at the moment it’s one or the other, not both! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mica! 😀 It’s all about layering at the moment. Cooler in the morning, warmer during the day, cooling down again at night. I loved the idea of wearing the knit with your shorts in your latest IG post for the temperate weather!

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